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Motivation by Lissa Oliver

Article by Lissa Oliver © 10 April 2019 .
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My novel-in-progress, Grey Motive, has recently floundered due a lot to deadlines elsewhere, but also a lack of motivation. Thankfully not my own, but that of a main character. I knew someone needed an additional push, but wasn’t sure who and was thinking of adding more pressure to the wrong protagonists, until I cut it back to the very basics. It only took three lines to spot the error of my ways!
Terry & Chris: to keep the yard running successfully. Twist in fortune – Triple Crown prospect.
Joy: to look after her family. Twist in fortune – theft suspect.
Jack: – ; – !!!
Very easy to spot the hole here! So after an evening’s thought:
Jack: hoping to find a direction in life at the yard. Twist in fortune – (plot-spoiler, but you’ll find out eventually!)

The motivation can be simple basics, needs, lusts, but the deeper underlying motivation driving the plot, as opposed merely to their goal, has to be stronger and the twist that pushes them over the line. As with the antagonist in Sainte Bastien, his motivation was to be a success and earn the respect of a disinterested family, but a deeper passion consumed him and propelled him unwillingly into drama. Unwillingly being the key point. The driving passion must be strong enough for the heart to overrule the head.
Back on course!

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