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My Voice in Dublin Castle: Audrey Mac Cready

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Dublin Castle


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Dublin Castle has opened its website to the citizen!

You can hear me talk about my ancestor who was a treasurer in the Ladies Land League in 1881.


Audrey Mac Cready is an archaeologist, librarian, genealogist, EU official…and now a writer.

Read a sample of her current project at https://www.writing.ie/member-emerging-writers/audrey-mac-cready/  a romantic novel set at a decidely unromantic time: In Dublin, Mary Moore is helping Lord Edward Fitzgerald organise the Rebellion. A sworn member of the Society of United Irishmen, she is betrothed to one of its leaders, William MacNeven. The arrests of the two men throw Mary’s plans – both political and personal – into chaos. Then John Mac Cready’s appearance on the scene creates even more confusion for her. Whose side is he on and how will they all come through the explosion of fighting about to engulf their country?

Find out more about her family history research at her blog Rebels and Rogues http://maccready.byteworld.be/

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