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Peter Turnham

September passed and – unlike the past five Septembers – we didn’t have a book to publish!

So many other jobs took up Peter’s time this summer, that he had little time for writing. However, he is now well into book 6 which should be published in the Spring – we hope!

Meanwhile we have just published an e-book version of both his series, “None Stood Taller” and “Autumn Daffodils” and they are already well off the starting blocks! Merry Christmas to everyone! Cheers, Carol (Admin!) & Peter

None Stood Taller Trilogy

Short listed for the “Selfies” self published book of the year award 2022

Finalist in the Independent Author Network book of the year award 2022

Two people united by the war but separated by the social divide that stands between them.

Lily is from the East End of London, Edward is the Earl of Middlebourne.

They work together within SOE where their contribution towards the D-Day landings is enormous. However great their achievement, the chasm between them remains. Can Edward take that giant stride, will Lily declare her love? All the while the war dictates their future.

Her journey begins beneath the rubble of the Blitz. Reduced to the ragged clothes she stands in, her unbreakable spirit propels her on a journey. That journey leads to the very top of the British war time establishment, and to Edward.

Lily’s story is inspired by real characters and events. In particular a group of women who contributed so much towards Britain’s wartime intelligence and SOE. Viewed through Lily’s eyes, the historic details of World War Two come to life in a way you haven’t experienced before.


Autumn Daffodils, The Complete Box Set: Love in later life, or a lesson in life?

From the best selling author of “None Stood Taller”.

A retrospective look back on life that will make you laugh and cry in equal measure.

Five extraordinary people have only one thing in common. They are united by the guilt, shame or sorrow that their past decisions have left in their wake. Having retired early in order to escape their past, they find themselves reliving the very past they came to the ‘Village’ to forget. As compelling as each of the characters proves to be, it’s Charlie’s heart wrenching account of his love affair with Joanna which ultimately proves to have repercussions for the whole group.

Tragic one moment and emotionally uplifting the next. “Charlie’s Story” will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. The story gathers pace like a roller-coaster leading inexorably towards a dramatic final chapter where in one heart stopping moment Charlie’s life is changed forever. The final chapter will leave you utterly breathless but it’s not the end, this is merely the beginning for “Joanna’s Story”.

Joanna has had no contact with Charlie for the past thirty years. She lives in America where she has become the self-styled ‘Queen of Washington’ while he is content with his quiet life in England. When Joanna dramatically re-enters Charlie’s life she brings with her a thirty year old secret of which he knew nothing. His life is turned inexorably upside down, as are those of his friends. Charlie and Joanna have only two things in common, their shared secret, and their undying love for each other. Neither of them has ever been complete without the other, but separate lives and an ocean continue to stand between them.

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None Stood Taller Trilogy

Autumn Daffodils, The Complete Box Set

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