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Mary Egan Campbell

New Year, new me. I have been procrastinating long enough. Forget some exciting new exercise regime, I will be building up my strength for a marathon year of writing.

Last year I made a huge leap and signed up for a super writers group headed up by none other than our very own Vanessa Fox O’ Loughlin and her partner in crime Maria McHale, together with the input of the hugely successful Agent, Simon Trewin. I feel blessed to be a part of this illustrious group, a who’s who of up and coming writers, but have as yet found the time to commit fully.

With my busy job and the exciting and all-encompassing launch of my own writer’s group’s latest book “Journeys”, 2023 was a total washout for my own personal writing journey. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every minute of the process from compiling to editing and planning the launch, surrounded by a wonderful group of inspirational people I have come to call my friends. It has been a magical journey I will never forget, but now it’s time for me.

I am starting a new chapter this year quite literally. So many unfinished writing projects are piling up on my desk at home waiting for a little attention. These will be my New Year work out! My New Year’s Resolutions! I will warm up my little grey cells behind locked doors and prepare for an almighty uphill journey, but I will not be alone. Writing really can be a team sport! Together with my Writers Ink support network on the other end of a web cam, I will write until my fingers bleed. Well maybe not the write (right) metaphor, but resolve to make my pen bleed ink onto the page until at least one project is complete. 2024, let the games begin!

(excerpt from Journeys by Wordsmiths Tullamore,2023

The Cure

Out of obscurity
Just when I thought
all was lost
The answer came
And the cure offered
was so far fetched
so off the wall
I almost laughed
But then I stopped
I pondered my question
What and how I’d asked
Realizing, that all along
the fix was within my grasp
To right my own wrongs
That only I can change my path
Rewrite my song

© Mary Egan Campbell

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