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New Year, New Courses!

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Happy new year, everyone! We hope some of your resolutions are about writing (you can do it!). The Factory is open again and looking forward to this term of creative writing courses. We can’t wait to help you on your writing path whether you’re a beginner jotting down ideas on receipts and napkins (let’s be honest as writers we all do that!) or more a advanced writer putting the finishing touches to your work!

To keep you motivated with those pesky resolutions, we’ve gathered together some articles on writing;
There Is No Right Way, Just Write
Stories of 2015: Paula Hawkins, from struggling author to literary sensation
This year, I’m going to write that book – here’s how to make it happen
Authors share their reading resolutions for 2016
Monday Roundup!- all the best competitions in one place

Our evening courses start back in the next two weeks and we have so many awesome classes to get you writing. We’ve a mixture of courses from one-days to ten weeks to make it as easy as possible to stick to those writing goals!

Our evening courses all start at 6.30pm:
– our drop-in Creative Writing courses start back on Monday 18th January
– our next 10-week Beginning To Write class starts Wednesday 20th January
– a six-week Beginning to Write Fiction course will run from Tuesday 19th January
– or you might want to try our Mining Personal Experiences For Fiction, starting Wednesday 20th January
– if you’re past beginners’, but need a boost, our Get Writing course starts Monday 25th January
– or if you’re looking to develop your skills, try Intermediate Creative Writing, from Thursday 21st January
– if you’re working on a novel or book-length project, Commit to Your First Draft returns from Tuesday 19th January (open to previous and new participants)
– anyone writing otherworldly tales might be interested in our Speculative Fiction Workshop, from Tuesday 19th January
– and let’s not forget our Feature Journalism workshop, from Monday 18th January onwards

We also have a number of one-day Saturday workshops taking place this month:
Getting Published (January 16th), your one-stop shop for everything you wanted to know about how to get your work out there
Introduction to Children’s Fiction (January 16th), covering everything from picturebooks up to teen fiction
Revising & Editing (January 23rd), an intensive workshop for writers getting ready to edit their work before submission to publishers (pages to be sent in advance)
Effective Openings (January 23rd), for finetuning those all-important first pages of a novel or story
The Science of Magic (January 23rd), an introduction to world-building for fantasy and sci-fi writers
Introduction to Memoir (January 30th), for anyone who’d like to shape a personal experience for the page
The Wrong End of the Telescope (January 30th), for anyone working on a fantasy novel (pages to be sent in advance)

Of course, we also have Dublin Young Authors, our creative writing programme for young, talented, and ambitious writers. And it’s expanding in 2016!

Our programme for 14-17-year-olds will return on Saturday January 23rd, 11am-1pm. Suitable for newcomers as well as those with some experience, including previous DYA attendance.

We’ll also be running afternoon sessions (2pm-4pm) for 18-22-year-olds – again suitable for those who’ve never taken a workshop before but we very much welcome participants with previous experience. (While people 18+ are welcome to take any of our adult workshops, we’re conscious some are still in school or college and would benefit from an environment specifically designed for young writers.)

And following on from successful workshops with younger audiences, we’ll be holding our next one-day workshop for 9-12-year-olds on Saturday January 23rd as well.

Queries to DYA@bigsmokewritingfactory.com about any of our young writers workshops.

Our complete course list, including one-day workshops for Spring 2016, is available here. Finally, if you’re looking for regular updates about literary events in Dublin, or submissions opportunities, make sure to keep an eye on our blog and our weekly updates.

If you’ve any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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