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Now Save Your Work… Several Times

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Now here is a question for you. How many people reading this piece can honestly say that they have fully backed up all of their files, blogs and systems? I really hope that I am not the only one whose computer’s ‘Action Center’ (waving a metaphorical red flag) keeps reminding me that, “Your files have not been backed up” and urging me to click on the ‘Set Up Backup’ button. I appreciate that this is an important thing to do; I really should know better since my original hard drive upped and died on me two years ago this August. See, I even mark the anniversary. But has it instilled more caution? An emphatic “No”, would have to be the answer to that question and I am still devoid of any back up files as I write.

However, there is light (but possibly a false light) at the end of the technological tunnel, as I have had a Dropbox account for a while, which meant that when I did lose my hard drive, some text and picture files remained within my grasp. I now tend to slide more over to Dropbox than I used to do, which is probably a Good Thing, safe in the knowledge that I have nothing in there that is worth anybody’s while to hack. Yet, I know that I do need to do better than that to ensure I am not caught out again, especially since I have still not backed up the system files despite reminders (see above). I also worry that If Dropbox itself went into meltdown; I would lose my files anyway. This may of course be technically impossible, but my understanding of how Dropbox operates is somewhat cloudy (pun very much intended) and I don’t want to put all my eggs in one virtual basket. I could of course, do something revolutionary and rely on good old paper for much of my text files.

The big back up issue however is my blog content, all one and half blogs-worth of words and photographs. It is tempting to think of a blog, as being there for all time unless you pull the plug on it, but this may not be the case. Events outside your control abound (“Don’t panic, don’t panic Mr Mainwaring” as Corporal Jones often cried). Therefore I am about to steel myself to tackle the WordPress ‘Help’ section so that I can be smug in the knowledge that I have my several thousand words all safely backed up. Having just skimmed the advice page, my eyes began to glaze over at the information that ideally you need to have everything saved in three different places to be secure. Apparently, I can load a plug-in which will make it all quite easy, but which plug-in do I choose? It is all very complicated.

On the plus side, (and so quickly that you missed it), I have now successfully used my laptop’s Action Center to back up files onto a USB. Phew, now I only have to tackle WordPress backup. However, I also have old files on the PC to sort out and even some floppy disks to clean. There’s no rest for the technologically lazy….

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