On the Moon & Panorama International 2024

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Smeetha Bhoumik

New Year 2024 opened with my being part of a global community of poets & writers at Panorama International Literature Festival 2024, and from there it really soared right up to the moon!

Spanning 87 countries, PILF is a global celebration of literature’s boundless power that originates in the heart of Greece and reaches to the corners of the world, a virtual festival transcending screens, inviting literary enthusiasts on a global journey.

On Feb 22, 2024, the Lunar Codex, a brainchild of Dr. Samuel Peralta, landed on the moon in IM’s Odysseus from NASA, carrying the works of 35000 artists, poets (including mine and referred site Yugen Quest Review). More than 233 countries are represented, creating history! A fabulous synchronicity connects my early Universe Series works (like Lunar Landing, oil, 2006) with my selected poetry in The Polaris Trilogy, (edited by Dr. Joyce Brinkman, Dr. Joe Haethaus, Jessica Reed), onboard the Lunar Codex as part of its nanofiche archive on the moon.

As we celebrated humanity in January at the Panorama International Lit Fest ’24, this epic event in February set hearts soaring and minds ablaze with renewed enthusiasm and inspiration

Congratulations to featured poets & artists and everyone involved in the project!

As we worked on a special edition of Yugen Quest Review in February, suddenly news of the Lunar Codex landing on the moon in Odysseus arrived; and our excitement knew no bounds.

Read the special issue YQR Guest Edited by Dr. Santosh Bakaya, themed ‘What the World Needs’ at yugenquestreview.in

(c) Smeetha Bhoumik
March 5, 2024


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