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Christmas gift certificates for creative writing courses available!
Posted by Big Smoke Writing Factory in The Members' Blog.

We’re delighted to announce that gift certificates for our creative writing courses at the Big Smoke Writing Factory are available to order and (as delivered via email) will be with ...continue reading

Zimbabwe by Caron Moran
Posted by Caron Moran in The Members' Blog.

It’s strange, for years I have worked hard on disconnecting my self from my place of birth, called a ‘root’. To quote the Duke of Wellington, ‘just because one is ...continue reading

Words are thoughts with their clothes on!
Posted by Sheila Turner Johnston in The Members' Blog.

A couple moved into an old house and – so far, so original – began to notice that there seemed to be something unseen dashing about their living room every ...continue reading

Poem: Love is never going back to yesterday
Posted by Sheila Turner Johnston in The Members' Blog.

As a student in 1969, I was full of the exciting possibilities of life ahead. I could not know then that the troubles that started in Northern Ireland would be ...continue reading

Confidence is…by Robert Mclysaght
Posted by robert mclysaght in The Members' Blog.

Confidence is not a dirty word or something to be feared, it should be rejoiced and hailed as an all conquering hero. Now I’m not talking about being crass or ...continue reading

The Book is Dead Long Live The Book
Posted by robert mclysaght in The Members' Blog.

Convenient technology is everywhere so why do we so often revert to the most basic tech? One reason that I think is that sometimes convenient technology isn’t all that convenient ...continue reading

The Curse of Silence
Posted by robert mclysaght in The Members' Blog.

Normally I can’t shut my brain up, it constantly chatters,spitting out ideas at the most inconvenient times, many times I find myself searching for a pen, pencil, crayon anything that ...continue reading

New creative writing workshops starting in November in Dublin
Posted by Big Smoke Writing Factory in The Members' Blog.

Based at 89 Harcourt Street in Dublin city centre, the Big Smoke Writing Factory offers a wide range of creative writing courses for beginners and beyond. This November we have ...continue reading

Harp Club and Cauldron (EEL and OTTER press) – new project
Posted by Geraldine Moorkens Byrne in The Members' Blog.

Delighted to be asked to contribute to the forthcoming curated anthology of knowledge and writing on the Dagda, Ireland’s great masculine deity, in a new publication Harp Club and Cauldron ...continue reading

Maguire’s Hardware & Grocery: Short Story Published
Posted by James Rogers in The Members' Blog.

I’m delighted to have had “Maguire’s Hardware & Grocery” published by The First Line. http://www.0s-1s.com/new-magazines-ii/the-first-line-19-3 www.thefirstline.com