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5 Ways Acting Can Strengthen Your Writing
Posted by SCBWI Ireland in The Members' Blog.

Written by Anna Tran During our process, we can become discouraged when we feel our writing is not going anywhere, after receiving feedback that we did not expect from critique ...continue reading

Eyes Closed, Ready, Publish!!
Posted by Helen Burke in The Members' Blog.

Finding my way around social media is a nightmare. How does anyone get the time for anything else. It’s a mystery? Could it be any more complicated, or time-consuming? I’m ...continue reading

Spice up your Summer with Act The Maggot
Posted by Amy Redmond in The Members' Blog.

What to do with those lovely long summer evenings? Isn’t it the perfect time for people-watching, lazing about idly, sipping coffees or beers and studying humankind? During summer you can ...continue reading

Posted by MARIA HOEY in The Members' Blog.

I am delighted to reveal my cover for my debut novel, THE LAST LOST GIRL, published by Poolbeg, July 2017

Three things you need to STOP DOING RIGHT NOW if you’re writing your first draft
Posted by Clare Daly in The Members' Blog.

I should preface this post with the fact that no, I’m not yet a published author but I have learned some stuff along the way and as I rocket through ...continue reading

Writing For Me by Gwyn Cooper Flynn
Posted by Gwyn Cooper Flynn in The Members' Blog.

I have written for years and years, first it was poetry, then short stories, then children’s plays, but I always wanted to write my novel. I made several attempts over ...continue reading

Two half-price bursary places offered on John Yorke Story course
Posted by Professional Writing Academy in The Members' Blog.

John Yorke Story has teamed up with Writing.ie to offer two 50% discounted places for our Story for Screen online course. These bursary places are suitable for for anyone who ...continue reading

My new book has launched!
Posted by Paul Kilmartin in The Members' Blog.

Hello to all, This is my first post and I have to say, I am incredibly excited about all of this. I am the de facto puppy walking across a ...continue reading

So you think you’re not an Inspirational Woman Eh?
Posted by Nicola Lilly in The Members' Blog.

So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted and it’s been on my mind lately that I should be posting more regularly because thats “How to grow your following”. ...continue reading

Upcoming creative writing workshops in Dublin
Posted by Big Smoke Writing Factory in The Members' Blog.

March already! Where does the time go? Here’s what we have coming up later this month and next (all open for booking at http://bigsmokewritingfactory.com/writing-classes/): beginner-level – Introduction to Creative Writing ...continue reading