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My new book has launched!
Posted by Paul Kilmartin in The Members' Blog.

Hello to all, This is my first post and I have to say, I am incredibly excited about all of this. I am the de facto puppy walking across a ...continue reading

So you think you’re not an Inspirational Woman Eh?
Posted by Nicola Lilly in The Members' Blog.

So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted and it’s been on my mind lately that I should be posting more regularly because thats “How to grow your following”. ...continue reading

Upcoming creative writing workshops in Dublin
Posted by Big Smoke Writing Factory in The Members' Blog.

March already! Where does the time go? Here’s what we have coming up later this month and next (all open for booking at http://bigsmokewritingfactory.com/writing-classes/): beginner-level – Introduction to Creative Writing ...continue reading

The Novice Writer by Donal OTravers
Posted by Donal Travers in The Members' Blog.

Twitter. No need to explain it. By now everyone who’s anyone has a twitter account. I have one too. But I am someone who wants to be an anyone! I ...continue reading

Going Indie! And Why Not?
Posted by Caroline Farrell in The Members' Blog.

I like the term Indie Publishing. I’m an Indie Filmmaker – putting skin in the game to get my films made. I am a storyteller. I write screenplays. I write ...continue reading

Belfast by Liam Mullen
Posted by Liam Mullen in The Members' Blog.

From the author of The Nationalists, a new and explosive Irish and British political thriller is in the pipeline and is currently being written. In the wake of the Stalker ...continue reading

Baby Steps by Donal O Travers
Posted by Donal Travers in The Members' Blog.

Baby steps. No need to rush things. That’s what I told myself when I decided to put pen to paper. For a number of years I had been tinkering of ...continue reading

Just Write by Caron Moran
Posted by Caron Moran in The Members' Blog.

Yesterday I set up a Facebook link, to my profile here on writing.ie. Today is the day I push through the fear of “blogging” and this new year, 2017, my ...continue reading

Ireland Writing Retreat Helps Launch Exciting New Novel in Dublin
Posted by irelandwritingretreat in The Members' Blog.

Ireland Writing Retreat is proud to be involved in the official launch next month in central Dublin of recently-released high-concept novel PRETTY UGLY (http://www.seanhillenauthor.com/) focusing on the dangers from toxic ...continue reading

Exile by Liam Robert Mullen
Posted by Liam Mullen in The Members' Blog.

Exile, book two of my planned Irish trilogy or series will continue the story of Irish journalist Tony McAnthony from The Nationalists as he attempts to settle in America and ...continue reading