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Babies and Books
Posted by Natasha Geary in The Members' Blog.

Spring has sprung, at last! Hasn’t it? Well, kind of. I’ll take the longer days, at least that’s something – right? I’ve been in the middle of a baby-boom lately; ...continue reading

Poetry Competition Success
Posted by Louise Harrison in The Members' Blog.

I have just been included in the Limerick April 2016 Literary Trail. My poem was chosen and is on display in Colbert Station Limerick. This competition was established by Limerick ...continue reading

Molly Keane’s ‘Good Behaviour’ on The Book on One, RTE 1 Radio
Posted by Molly Keane Writers Retreats in The Members' Blog.

Starting Monday 4th April, ‘The Book on One’ on RTE 1 Radio will broadcast an archive recording of Molly Keane’s Booker-shortlisted ‘Good Behaviour’. This is to mark the 20th anniversary ...continue reading

Brummie-isms and wazzocks: childhood expressions
Posted by Chris Mills in The Members' Blog.

My childhood, like many other people’s I am sure, was littered with those odd expressions that parents and grandparents used, and which you just accepted despite not understanding what they ...continue reading

Kildare Writers Needed for June Fest!
Posted by pauline clooney in The Members' Blog.

If you are from Newbridge or County Kildare, you will probably have heard of the annual cultural festival, June Fest. Part of that festival is a literary event where local ...continue reading

Ever wonder where it all began for the Brontë sisters?
Posted by pauline clooney in The Members' Blog.

The Genesis of the authors Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. (Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë) Charlotte’s discovery of Emily’s poems The story of the Brontë sisters’ metamorphoses into the Bell ...continue reading

Prepare To Meet Your New Best Friend…
Posted by Clare Daly in The Members' Blog.

As a writer, your characters are going to be the best friends you ever had. They are going to pick you up when you’re down, make you smile, make you ...continue reading

Read And Nominate To Win James Lawless’ Novel American Doll
Posted by James Lawless in The Members' Blog.

Dear friends, you can now read a free extract and nominate my new novel, American Doll for the Amazon Kindle Scout Program at https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/20Z6WXZZUWHCG The nomination period is 30 days ...continue reading

The Hot $exy Mess of Poetry!
Posted by Hubert O'Hearn in The Members' Blog.

Why You Should Care About Poetry I’m already re-considering this essay, or more accurately its title. Although it is clear and perfectly summarizes the intent of the next 1500 words ...continue reading

This is the Ritual by Rob Doyle
Posted by Hubert O'Hearn in The Members' Blog.

(Bloomsbury 2016, Hardcover and Trade Paperback editions) 186 pages, £16.99 hardcover, £12.99 paperback When you strip away all the gloss and glitter, the highwire plotting with acrobat characters, after the ...continue reading