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If You Break It, They Will Come – A Personal Story House Blog
Posted by The Story House Ireland in The Members' Blog.

If You Break It, They Will Come – A Personal Story House Blog and a Message of Gratitude My first night of unbroken sleep in months. Coming to, I am ...continue reading

Why You’ll Never Recruit Really Good People
Posted by Conor Kenny in The Members' Blog.

No matter how often we make the wrong appointments, it never fails to astonish when the mistakes are repeated. Yet, how often has someone whispered to you “Do you know ...continue reading

End of one term and the start of another…
Posted by Big Smoke Writing Factory in The Members' Blog.

The sun is shining, the coats are locked away and it time to end our Spring/Summer semester with our annual National Flash Fiction Day event NewsFlash on 27th June in ...continue reading

Culture Club at Liberties Upstairs: Caitriona Lally and Daniel Seery
Posted by Chris Mills in The Members' Blog.

This post sees me wearing my Liberties Press (Liberties Upstairs) hat, as I want to spread the word about a new venture that I’ve been involved in organising for the ...continue reading

Leading singer-songwriter hosts at ‘Ireland Writing Retreat’
Posted by irelandwritingretreat in The Members' Blog.

Composing lyrics is one of the most challenging forms of creative writing with the added task of matching them to the overall melody. Ask Ian Smith. http://iansmithmusic.net/ Leading guitarist, singer ...continue reading

Ireland Writing Retreat: Practical Training in Public Reading
Posted by irelandwritingretreat in The Members' Blog.

It’s encouraged. It’s necessary. It sells books. But it ain’t easy. In the competitive world of publishing with more books being released than ever before – whether in electronic or ...continue reading

The Writer’s Pro Shop Series – Exercise 5 The Treasure Hunt
Posted by Hubert O'Hearn in The Members' Blog.

Hello! I am freely sharing these exercises for all writers. The Writer’s Pro Shop Exercise 5: The Treasure Hunt Top actors and athletes have a common routine – they stay ...continue reading

Doing it with Passion! Writers in Ireland Series: Lissa Oliver
Posted by Caroline Farrell in The Members' Blog.

Author Lissa Oliver’s published books include Nero – The Last Caesar, Gala Day, Chantilly Dawns and a collection of short stories Tales Of The Turf & Other Worlds. She regularly ...continue reading

D Day Celebration—Never Forget
Posted by Forest issac Jones in The Members' Blog.

As a historian I’ve always thought about how different the world would have been if Hitler and Nazi Germany had won WWII. Thankfully, because of the Greatest Generation we did ...continue reading

Why the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ Ireland Writing Retreat this month?
Posted by irelandwritingretreat in The Members' Blog.

Fine writing, like any skill, requires constant practice. From Ireland’s own popular thriller-writer, John Connolly, to England’s Lee Child to Dan Brown in the US, the hard-won advice from best-selling ...continue reading