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Being curious and creative while blogging
Posted by Chris Mills in The Members' Blog.

I mentioned a while ago that I had set up a craft themed blog with my daughter, as a summer holiday project that we called Curiously, Creatively. Our tagline is ...continue reading

“Death By Meeting”
Posted by Fergus Dennehy in The Members' Blog.

Just a short story I wrote for a writing class. I hope you read and enjoy!  The building stood nestled in a small quiet corner just off of the main street, ...continue reading

7 Signs Your Boss is a Control Freak
Posted by Conor Kenny in The Members' Blog.

We start every career and every job in the belief that our boss is a good person. After all, isn’t that how they reached such splendid heights? Of course we ...continue reading

Spare a thought for the teachers
Posted by MoyaHodgers in The Members' Blog.

So a nation of parents breathe again; it was back to school day all across the country. As I dragged my little behind out of bed this morning to waken ...continue reading

Killing people doesn’t help
Posted by Orla McAlinden in The Members' Blog.

Normally when I have a story published in a journal, I like to make a little fuss.  It’s not The New Yorker, and it’s normally unpaid, but I still like ...continue reading

‘Last Kiss’ at Carousel
Posted by Carolann Copland in The Members' Blog.

She’s back! Louise Phillips, author of Red Ribbons, nominated for Best Irish Crime Novel in 2012 and The Dolls’s House which won the Best Irish Crime novel in 2013, is BACK ...continue reading

Keep The Euros Tight in Ireland
Posted by James Helliwell in The Members' Blog.

Rumor has it that a summer vacation in Ireland could require you to take a second mortgage on the family castle. That’s untrue. Especially if you’re clever, inventive and know ...continue reading

Peeling Oranges: The Provenance of a Novel
Posted by James Lawless in The Members' Blog.

    Peeling Oranges: The Provenance of a Novel.   In the nineties I wrote a short story called Diaries about Derek Foley, who sifted through the diaries of his ...continue reading

Authors provide insights on writing, editing and publishing
Posted by irelandwritingretreat in The Members' Blog.

Similarities and differences between news and creative writing, use of colloquial language in novels and short stories, publishing as a business and effective strategies for better editing – these were ...continue reading

The House on the Hill
Posted by Conor Kenny in The Members' Blog.

This short story might just help you understand that the path often travelled is never going to be your path to success. (Adapted from ‘Sales Tales’ – True stories of ...continue reading