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Carousel Twenty-five Top Tips For Writing
Posted by Carolann Copland in The Members' Blog.

…because your writing is worth giving your best. Say to yourself… I am a writer! Then tell everyone else. Read before you write… before you read before you write before you read… you get ...continue reading

Journey into the unknown…
Posted by MoyaHodgers in The Members' Blog.

A week ago today we were celebrating the 1st birthday of my youngest. Today I was buying a new phone for my eldest, who will be 12 on 6th September. ...continue reading

Positivity in a Job Interview – It Works
Posted by Seanie Clifford in The Members' Blog.

What NOT To Say In A Job Interview If you are in possession of a great CV,and you are confident you can master the art of the interview, then your ...continue reading

Important Queries About CVs Solved
Posted by Seanie Clifford in The Members' Blog.

If you do it right, you will definitely be finding some great opportunities waiting for you. However, if a single word goes wrong, you could be in for a huge ...continue reading

What To Include In A CV?
Posted by Seanie Clifford in The Members' Blog.

Making a CV or a Curriculum Vitae can be one of the most difficult tasks for you. This is probably the first most important document of your career. You will ...continue reading

Go on, spit it out.
Posted by Sharon Thompson in The Members' Blog.

Do writers have something to say? Then they must spit it out upon a page, for people to read. My pride might be damaged as I attempt a blog post here. ...continue reading

A year in the life…..
Posted by MoyaHodgers in The Members' Blog.

365 days of love since you came into our lives. Our little unexpected bundle of joy. I still remember the day I found out you were coming, and the night when I ...continue reading

My Grandfather and The Village Cow
Posted by Conor Kenny in The Members' Blog.

This is a true story. Recently, my Mum celebrated her 80th birthday and my Dad his 82nd. It was not a time for gifts but a time for time. We went ...continue reading

Weekly Blog. 14th -20th January 2013 Horsing Around with our Food
Posted by Bernie in The Members' Blog.

” Millions of people long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy afternoon”. (Susan Ertz) There is a small and barely perceptible lengthening ...continue reading

Can writers be taught or should it come naturally?
Posted by Carolann Copland in The Members' Blog.

Earlier this month I was invited to speak at the Hay Festival Kells, on a subject that caused some interesting discussion. “Can Writers be taught or should it come naturally?” On the ...continue reading