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It’s Novel Fair time again!
Posted by Irish Writers' Centre in The Members' Blog.

This Saturday marks the third year of the Novel Fair here at the Irish Writers’ Centre – an event that introduces up-and-coming writers to top publishers and literary agents, giving ...continue reading

Hiding in the shed
Posted by Orla McAlinden in The Members' Blog.

Hiding in the shed. Last week I was enjoying a conversation with an old friend.  His name is Rory.  Rory and I go a long way back, I know a ...continue reading

How Crime Writing can lead to getting you locked up…
Posted by Carolann Copland in The Members' Blog.

How far would you go to research a crime scene for your story?   Following a Crime Writing Workshop last year by Louise Phillips, I found myself locked in a ...continue reading

The Return
Posted by Hubert O'Hearn in The Members' Blog.

(a poem about my return to my adoptive home of Ireland)   The Return There is of course no Irish sun. That sometimes rare yellow ball Knows no name for ...continue reading

Help! I Need a Writer!
Posted by Hubert O'Hearn in The Members' Blog.

We Have a July sale!   For just €150 we will read and professionally analyse your manuscript. Any size. 8 day turnaround and if you are not satisfied, we will ...continue reading

Inspired by Builders (after a fashion)
Posted by Chris Mills in The Members' Blog.

I am once more looking out at a rainy view as my eyes have strayed away from the laptop screen in search of inspiration. Blogger’s block strikes again. Then I ...continue reading

Been a hectic few weeks
Posted by desmonddevlin in The Members' Blog.

First of all, this Monday I ran into a massive pothole at Ardboe and ended up with a flat tyre. I then took my Brother to Coalisland and get money ...continue reading

Cold Weather and Creativity
Posted by Chris Mills in The Members' Blog.

This is going to be yet another bad weather inspired post, since the wind is howling outside as I type away. The draughts are also doing their level best to ...continue reading

Yes, ma’am
Posted by Deirdre Conroy in The Members' Blog.

I’ve given up on the lodger interview process. It’s time to let the dog decide. I’ve had the Sudanese anaesthetist, weighed that up as a good idea to have a ...continue reading

That was so Twenty-Thirteen
Posted by Deirdre Conroy in The Members' Blog.

              When I started this blog 365 days ago I didn’t think I’d survive until today with the new lodging arrangements. Sadly, my first ...continue reading