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The SpaSpa Book Awards 2013 Winner (Fantasy)
Posted by Nav in The Members' Blog.

WOW!!!! The SpaSpa Book Awards 2013 are finally out! To my utter surprise I actually won the award for the Fantasy section with Maerlin’s Storm. Well done to all the ...continue reading

Launch of Patricia Burke Brogan’s Memoir with Grykes & Turloughs
Posted by Wordsonthestreet in The Members' Blog.

Sabina Higgins is the guest speaker at the launch of Patricia Burke Brogan’s Memoir with Grykes & Turloughs on Tuesday July 1st at 6pm in the Galway Education Centre. Patricia ...continue reading

Trying to launch my Poetry/Haiku Anthology on Kindle
Posted by desmonddevlin in The Members' Blog.

And it triggered my resentments towards both Amazon Corporation and the IRS as I had to register as a US Tax Payer (I informed them that I am not a ...continue reading

CV of life (Prose I had written last week)
Posted by desmonddevlin in The Members' Blog.

CV of life Name: Ardboe Laureate. Contact details: http://desmonddevlin.me.uk Qualifications: 4 Years of Debasement at University. 7 Years of Solitude at Secondary School. 7 Years of Loneliness at Primary School. ...continue reading

Essential Criteria for jobs I like are my kryptonite
Posted by desmonddevlin in The Members' Blog.

I am applying for jobs left, right and centre. However the areas where I’m lacking in terms of experience/qualifications are….. 1. Sage Line 50. 2. OCR Level 2 Word Processing. ...continue reading

A sample of Drabbles and Short Stories
Posted by Nav in The Members' Blog.

Short Stories/Poems/Drabbles   The Larder Thief 2am. All is quiet. There’s just me and the cats, slinking around in the dark. I head up the street, sneaking between the pools ...continue reading

My World Cup Tonic.
Posted by MoyaHodgers in The Members' Blog.

Who would have thought that World cup fever and writing a novel would go hand in hand? But for me that was indeed the case back in 2010. As I ...continue reading

My Apple Tree Yard
Posted by Siobhan Kehoe in The Members' Blog.

I spotted the UPS van pull up outside. I wasn’t expecting anything and it wasn’t my birthday. I opened the bubble-wrapped envelope in anticipation and “Apple Tree Yard” slipped out. ...continue reading

Waiting for Exam Results
Posted by Deirdre Conroy in The Members' Blog.

People often say the Leaving Cert is the hardest exam you will ever sit. I would have agreed until recently. In May I sat six exams over two weeks, three ...continue reading

Curiously, Creatively: A Summer of Blogging
Posted by Chris Mills in The Members' Blog.

Further to my previous musings upon my summer holiday writing routine, I am pleased to report positive signs of mental activity. An idea has been had, dear Reader; it’s simplicity ...continue reading