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Summer classes have arrived!
Posted by Big Smoke Writing Factory in The Members' Blog.

Hi all! We’re busy getting ready for the Summer term at Big Smoke, with plenty of new courses up and open for booking. If you’ve always meant to start writing ...continue reading

My Naked Blog Tour
Posted by Nav in The Members' Blog.

Hi all, I thougt I’d share my Naked Blog Tour incase you missed it- I did. Nav’s Naked Blog Oops I mean: My Writing Process – Blog Tour   Firstly, ...continue reading

Flash Fiction WW1
Posted by Jean Reinhardt in The Members' Blog.

A Blade of Grass I cannot separate the sounds around me, men screaming and rats screeching. In all my nineteen years I have never heard anything like it. Lifting my ...continue reading

Finding acceptance
Posted by Orla McAlinden in The Members' Blog.

  Finding acceptance.   Like all writers who don’t pay the mortgage with the written word, I am a master procrastinator.  It manifests itself in many ways.  Does the sink ...continue reading

Paper vs Modern Technology
Posted by Chris Mills in The Members' Blog.

On this blog over the last few weeks, I’ve pondered the effects of procrastination, noisy builders (and they’re still going strong), rainy weather and riverside walks on the writing process. ...continue reading

As Cunning as a Fox
Posted by Nav in The Members' Blog.

One of my regular campsites was on the bog, just north of Portarlington. Our nearest neighbour was a very nice man, who would always come down with his kids to ...continue reading

My Cunning Machinations
Posted by Nav in The Members' Blog.

This all happened a few years ago, when I was wintering up in the Glen of the Downs, in County Wicklow. Spring was coming and the weather was getting warmer, ...continue reading

Revenge is Sweet
Posted by Nav in The Members' Blog.

I was camped up in County Wexford at the time, at a place called Larkin’s Cross. I was building a new barrel topped wagon during that winter. There were a ...continue reading

Life Juggling
Posted by Ciara Cassidy in The Members' Blog.

I started writing during a period of my life when I had taken a career break to be a full-time mother to my two children. I went back to full-time ...continue reading

My self-published poetry/haiku anthology available for kindle
Posted by desmonddevlin in The Members' Blog.

http://ardboelaureate.com/index.php/purchase I was advised that the best way to promote a self-publication is to contact other self-publishers. Anyone who has launched a self-publication and is willing to advise me, please ...continue reading