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Writing.ie is Ireland's leading writing resource and we welcome members from all over the world. This blog is exclusively for our members - to post their news, successes, writing queries or comment. With thousands of visitors each day, join us to celebrate writing and to interact with our community.

Freezing To Death: James Lawless
Posted by writingie in The Members' Blog.

Con was not at home when his brother Thady called, so Thady went on a pub crawl, starting with Saints and Sinners in Woodside and on to the old haunts: ...continue reading

Fiction writing is two-way dialogue
Posted by Margaret Magee in The Members' Blog.

I have written five manuscripts and a number of short stories and have come to the conclusion that I write my first drafts in ‘black and white’ like a sketch ...continue reading

Nicola’s blog
Posted by Nicola Whelan in The Members' Blog.

I like to do a little writing everyday, whether it’s giving some advice on Facebook, or writing my “nearly daily” blog on my Air pad tablet. I also belong to ...continue reading

This ‘Artist’s Retreat’ could be yours this summer
Posted by irelandwritingretreat in The Members' Blog.

As Spring officially arrives on our doorstep after the long winter, a short note to let you know that it’s not too late to treat yourself to the holiday of ...continue reading

Would Yeats Feel the Sting of Submittable Rejections Today?
Posted by Bob Brussack in The Members' Blog.

Yesterday, I read some lines of Yeats’s “The Song of the Happy Shepherd.” These lines, in fact: The wandering earth herself may be Only a sudden flaming word, In clanging ...continue reading

For Love of Anna by James Lawless
Posted by writingie in The Members' Blog.

Idealistic student Guido van Thool is torn between the extreme nature of his ideals and his love for the beautiful ballerina Anna Zweig. When he accidentally bumps into the beautiful ...continue reading

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates
Posted by Maria McDonald in The Members' Blog.

Well, I decided that this week I would learn a new recipe. Another box ticked. Who knew cauliflower could be so versatile. Some months back while dining out I had ...continue reading

Fiction Writing Workshops with Niall Williams and Christine Breen in Kiltumper
Posted by Kiltumper Writing Workshops in The Members' Blog.

The west of Ireland can be a lonesome place at the best of times, and being a writer can be a lonesome way to live, but it’s what we do ...continue reading

2018: The Year of Getting Stuff Done
Posted by Geraldine Moorkens Byrne in The Members' Blog.

Imagine if ye will, it is December 31st 2018. I shall be sitting at my computer, glass of wine in hand, sending my usual greetings to family and friends worldwide, ...continue reading

Help with Kindle Scout Nomination
Posted by Paul Kilmartin in The Members' Blog.

Hi all, Needing some help from the community! I signed up to Kindle Scout and have submitted my novel and cover for approval by Kindle Scout. They would like nominations ...continue reading