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Extract from ‘The Power to Hurt’ by Vincent J McArdle
Posted by vincent mcardle in The Members' Blog.

I have decided to name my current project (2nd novel) – THE POWER TO HURT. Here’s an extract. CHAPTER XXIII WHAT ABOUT GRANDPA? Grandpa didn’t go to my graduation. It ...continue reading

Time by Julia Dennehy
Posted by julia dennehy in The Members' Blog.

Like a river Tumbling over a weir Churning froth Breaking up Mingling Making its way To the ocean Lost forever (c) Julia Dennehy

Averse to verse? Do you like free form or structured verse?
Posted by Mary Campbell in The Members' Blog.

There is right now a growing culture of new modern twists on the classic verse and cutting edge techniques for really great poetry, and I think it’s great that the ...continue reading

The Secret Miscarriages by Darragh Quinn
Posted by Darragh Quinn in The Members' Blog.

My wife and I had a miscarriage a few years back and this is predominately how I came to have a better understanding of this very difficult subject. What upset ...continue reading

Vision Boards and Garth Brooks by Mary Bradford
Posted by Maryb in The Members' Blog.

While I was chatting with a close friend of mine, we were discussing our goals for this year. Stuff we really wanted to mark off our To Do List once ...continue reading

About Me: Clive Dev
Posted by Clive Dev in The Members' Blog.

I am from Dublin. I write Fiction Crime Thriller Stories. I have written the books called STRANGERS INSIDE – Detective Dev Crime Thriller Series and TRUE COLORS – The Accidental ...continue reading

A Heart with no Doors by Seanie Clifford
Posted by Seanie Clifford in The Members' Blog.

there are many windows in your house but no longer any doors you are not gazing at the phone anymore for there is no one calling you to share that ...continue reading

Cows Behaving Badly by Maria Rushe
Posted by Maria Rushe in The Members' Blog.

My neighbours are cows. Fooking cows. Last night they kept us awake from 4am with their shenanigans. You see, having been separated for quite a while, the cows and the ...continue reading

Her Rebel Self … now available as an ebook and paperback!
Posted by Paula Tully in The Members' Blog.

My new novella, Her Rebel Self, is inspired by the 100 year old precious diaries of my friend’s close family relative who lived through Ireland’s deeply turbulent revolutionary history last ...continue reading

Cooked Chickens by Seanie Clifford
Posted by Seanie Clifford in The Members' Blog.

All I want in Heaven are some cooked chickens a field out the back an open log fire a small cottage with a thatched roof clear icy mornings summer afternoons ...continue reading