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Writing.ie is Ireland's leading writing resource and we welcome members from all over the world. This blog is exclusively for our members - to post their news, successes, writing queries or comment. With thousands of visitors each day, join us to celebrate writing and to interact with our community.

Cooked Chickens by Seanie Clifford
Posted by Seanie Clifford in The Members' Blog.

All I want in Heaven are some cooked chickens a field out the back an open log fire a small cottage with a thatched roof clear icy mornings summer afternoons ...continue reading

Open Mic Memories from the Scripts Festival 2018
Posted by Mary Campbell in The Members' Blog.

Open Mic – Taking the mic When I think back on it now I can laugh, but as a fledgling writer at the time I can only describe my first ...continue reading

Her Rebel Self … Her Real Self, 1917-1920
Posted by Paula Tully in The Members' Blog.

I’ve had the privilege of reading the 100 year old precious diaries of a very intelligent, ordinary Dublin woman who lived through Ireland’s deeply turbulent revolutionary period. A friend of ...continue reading

Utilising Technology in the Resume Writing Process
Posted by Seanie Clifford in The Members' Blog.

When taking advantage of Professional Resume Writing Services you can save time and money by utilising online technology and communications, working with an online resume service that is experienced in ...continue reading

Launch Success of “Whisperings”
Posted by Mary Campbell in The Members' Blog.

Thanks to all for the huge support for Whisperings! We sold out our first 300 books at the launch and have nearly sold out our second print run so we ...continue reading

Lissa Oliver Talks Character
Posted by Lissa Oliver in The Members' Blog.

I still can’t write my own blog, so I have compromised and interviewed Marcel Dessaint, the fictional hero of my novel Chantilly Dawns! Lissa: You were the first star of ...continue reading

Kildare Writing Centre ‘Fusing creativity and craft to nurture the writer within’
Posted by Pauline Clooney in The Members' Blog.

Kildare Writing Centre has a brand new website and I feel like I’ve moved into a new house. So many decorating ideas racing around my brain. But it is looking ...continue reading

Home to Cavendish: Beginning to feel like a real book! by Antoinette Tyrrell
Posted by Antoinette Tyrrell in The Members' Blog.

It’s been some time since I’ve blogged. In online advice on how to blog successfully, the golden rule is that you must do it regularly. If this is the case, ...continue reading

Letting Your Character Take Control by Lissa Oliver
Posted by Lissa Oliver in The Members' Blog.

I’m new to blogging here and, if past output is taken into consideration, still new to blogging full stop! Strange, when I find any excuse to write during my spare ...continue reading

Problems with Motor Cars by James Lawless
Posted by James Lawless in The Members' Blog.

My first motor car was an old Morris Minor. I got it in the seventies and I could drive anywhere in it with impunity: into town, on dates, to the ...continue reading