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Michael Darigan Wanders Ireland May 2018
Posted by Michael Darigan in The Members' Blog.

I will be wandering the hills and valleys and streets of Ireland, mostly by foot, from May 11 to May 30 2018. This last minute trip is an excursion into ...continue reading

Writing Competitions and Memoir Writing Retreats
Posted by Caron Moran in The Members' Blog.

This year I read an authors blog with regards to her winning entry into a short story competition. One of the poignant statements for me in this blog, was just ...continue reading

Special subscription offer for writing.ie visitors
Posted by Caoimhe Fox in The Members' Blog.

Books Ireland is Ireland’s only magazine dedicated to books published in Ireland, of Irish interest and/or by an Irish author. Established in 1976, it lists and reviews circa 1,000 new ...continue reading

Rus in Urbe: Award Winning Poetry by James Lawless
Posted by Writing IE Admin in The Members' Blog.

There is a lot of talk at the moment about people retracing the medieval pilgrim route to Santiago. People undertake this journey now for different reasons, not all religious. It ...continue reading

Freezing To Death: James Lawless
Posted by Writing IE Admin in The Members' Blog.

Con was not at home when his brother Thady called, so Thady went on a pub crawl, starting with Saints and Sinners in Woodside and on to the old haunts: ...continue reading

Fiction writing is two-way dialogue
Posted by Margaret Magee in The Members' Blog.

I have written five manuscripts and a number of short stories and have come to the conclusion that I write my first drafts in ‘black and white’ like a sketch ...continue reading

Nicola’s blog
Posted by Nicola Whelan in The Members' Blog.

I like to do a little writing everyday, whether it’s giving some advice on Facebook, or writing my “nearly daily” blog on my Air pad tablet. I also belong to ...continue reading

This ‘Artist’s Retreat’ could be yours this summer
Posted by irelandwritingretreat in The Members' Blog.

As Spring officially arrives on our doorstep after the long winter, a short note to let you know that it’s not too late to treat yourself to the holiday of ...continue reading

Would Yeats Feel the Sting of Submittable Rejections Today?
Posted by Bob Brussack in The Members' Blog.

Yesterday, I read some lines of Yeats’s “The Song of the Happy Shepherd.” These lines, in fact: The wandering earth herself may be Only a sudden flaming word, In clanging ...continue reading

For Love of Anna by James Lawless
Posted by Writing IE Admin in The Members' Blog.

Idealistic student Guido van Thool is torn between the extreme nature of his ideals and his love for the beautiful ballerina Anna Zweig. When he accidentally bumps into the beautiful ...continue reading