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Geraldine Moorkens Byrne

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At the moment I think my entire writing life should be titled “Work In Progress.” Current projects include re-writing a novel, and 2 short stories; co-writing a project with my talented creative sparring partner Gina Bass; collating poems and formatting manuscript/creating a patreon site for my collection of poetry. I will do a happy dance if I manage to cross even one thing off that list this month. I also realized this morning I forgot to submit an abstract for a proposed anthology of essays. I was approached about it, agreed, did the work and then…..filed it under “be grand, will send it off soon” cos apparently that’s how my mind works.
So hopefully, having been organized and galvanized in May and June I will actually start next month feeling smug and over achieving. In the meantime, July was a doss month and August – well, if you need me I’ll be over in the corner trying to get the work done!

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