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Poet in Waiting: Mary Campbell

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Mary Campbell

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Exciting times … to be or not to be… a Poet. That will all depend on you, the reader I guess. Am in limbo waiting on the launch of a collaborative collection of poetry and short stories and cannot decide whether to embrace this or run and hide. To date I have always thought myself to be a writer and have indeed written my first book which of course has suffered nothing but rejections thus far, so the impending launch is just a tad daunting. I bow to all the published Poets and Authors out there and the true grit it takes to make it. Kudos! For now I am distracting myself with my second favourite pass-time, reading, and boy are there a lot of seriously good books to choose from at the moment. I look forward to journeying into the imaginative realms of creativity you have to offer so bring it on!!

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