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Presidential Problems – Cover Reveal

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Thomas Norton

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I’m so so excited to announce the release of my debut book ‘Presidential Problems‘. As an 11 year old it feels really special and thrilling to have achieved this. Dreams do come true!!!!

This journey started in 5th class October 2014 when an author came into my school for book week. The author gave such an inspiring talk I just thought I had to try that so I decided I would write a story. Having read all of David Walliams’ books I love the way he draws in a reader with his comedy and excitement and I aspire to be the same.

Months later in May 2015 I finished writing my book. When we posted the first chapter of ‘Presidential Problems’ as a blog on writing.ie the response was all very positive. So I decided to take the next step and create an online version with the help of my dad.

The cover displays some of the main characters – Ben and the three goblins. I love all the characters but especially Ben. I feel it is easy for all the young people who have been through tough times to connect with Ben and his struggles.That for me is really important in a character. After all who wouldn’t want 3 goblins as allies on an adventure of a lifetime?

Now after months of hard work it’s finally here. A big thanks goes out to Geoff Tracey for his amazing hand drawn design of the characters on the cover and Amanda Paula for her graphic design skills.

I hope you enjoy because I know I have. Now back to school on Monday!!!


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