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Professional CV Preparation in Ireland

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Seanie Clifford

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As a CV Writer(Yes, CV’s have to be written), the following questions are the most important questions one needs to evaluate when creating their CV.

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Why is a CV so important?
A CV provides employers with a unique insight into the career you have had, the skills you’ve attained and the character you can bring to their business. Many CVs are a generic piece of paper with a long list of history, but what sets a good CV aside from the rest in a brief, concise and definitive showcase of the experience you’ve earned and the many ways you have applied this in a business environment. Remember; you are selling yourself to the employer and in the current employers market, competition is at a very high standard.

What should my CV look like?
You’re CV should be direct, well presented and most of all, accessible. Employers are looking through tons of CV each week; and if you’re CV preparation is well read, neat and they can identify your experience immediately, and this provides a vivid demonstration of what you can bring to their business. Remember, like any quick sale, the buyer (employer) loses interest as time goes on. Ensure that you’re CV is short, laid out well and no more than two pages. Employers don’t want to see a film script in front of them. A direct, accessible & comprehensive CV is the key.

How important is my CV? Should I have a few?
This depends, many competent CV writers will have the ability to demonstrate you’re skills and experience as a package. However, if there is a potential career change on the horizon, it may be worthwhile tailoring your CVs for each different industry. An employment history of mechanics and bar work is not going to earn you an executive position right away but it may be a stepping stone in your career.

What to avoid on a CV?
Many people believe it is best practice to provide every piece of information on their CV, this is not true. CV writing is all about what is not on the CV, as much as its contents. Some details of your character may not prove favourable to employers. In a romantic world, discrimination doesn’t take place, but in the real world it does, sadly. The biggest misconception is that you must provide your date of birth? Unless specifically asked, this is a no go. Many employers will have an image of the employee they want to hire. To some employers a 20 year old may not be the ideal boardroom executive they are hoping for. By not placing your date of birth, you ensure the employer is judging you based on your skills alone. As in any documents, spell-checking and grammatically correct CVs are important. A potential employer may not read so kindly on “three month break in 2011 to renovate my horse”, when it should be your house. This immediately demonstrates a degree of carelessness about your work and so should be double checked.

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