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Progress and Paris by Audrey Mac Cready

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Audrey MacCready


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My novel is at 45000 words, more or less, but I need to reach at least 50000. Apparently, a novella is fewer than 40000 words, so I’m out of that category. In any case, my story is about a murder so not the typical novella theme. It has a beginning, middle and end so those extra words will be adding depth, expanding my characters and describing the settings. I have ideas for developing the meaning of the story, too, and am allowing my brain a little time to grow those.

In the meantime, I have joined the human race by binge-watching a series on Netflix. Hell, it’s Christmas week – what else would I be doing? A random choice brought me to Paris, with ‘Emily in Paris’. It’s a piece of fluff with great views of the City of Love and amazing fashion. The women wear at least three different outfits every day but we don’t see the aircraft hangar they must have to stock their wardrobes. They manage to walk on the romantic cobbled streets in six-inch heels!!!

Will there be a third season? Will Emily get it together with Gabriel? Will she finally learn to speak French? My favourite character is Sylvie, Emily’s boss, so I’m rooting for her new business. Yep, hooked!

Audrey Mac Cready

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