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Quitting the rat race. by S.R.Vcardi

Article by S.R.Vcardi © 5 May 2019 .
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Would you give up a six-figure salary to write full time?

I think I just did.

Ok. So the six-figure-salary might be a bit of an exaggeration but it wasn’t far off. Some might say I’m mad to give up that kind of financial stability – especially since I’ve never been published. Well, that’s not technically correct but I’m loath to include an article from fifteen years ago about bird watching in Cobh. Still, I’ve managed to put enough aside over the years to finally take some time off to pursue this writing urge that seems to have me hooked.

Five months my accountant tells me. You have five months to make it work or back to the cubicle with you, where you can peel off your “Dilbert” calendar for the rest of your working life. She wasn’t quite that candid but you get the drift.

It doesn’t sound like much.

But I have a plan. In fact, the book is finished. Not finished finished. It’s NEVER finished finished. But it’s a good first draft and halfway through the second. The plan, should it come to fruition, is to spend the first month finishing the second draft, getting it read; a couple of friends at first; maybe professionally later. June is for collating comments, a bit of spit and polish. Then the jump – Submissions.

Was there ever a more intimidating word for an author?

“Presenting for consideration or Judgement?”; “Yielding to a superior force?” – Terrifying!
I’ve dipped my toe in. I attended a valuable talk on the role of agents, what they’re looking for; what they expect. Big thank you to Cork city library on that one, and Vanessa. Very educational.

Today was day one. Did I get much done? Well, no. When I gave my notice in 5 weeks ago, I was not aware that my next door neighbors had planned to start work on their extension. Still, I managed to get through two chapters before the kango hammer sent me seeking the refuge of a coffee shop. I don’t like working in public places so at that stage I was done for the day. It was however a timely reminder that Rabbie got it right with “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men” and today they gang’ed aft a-gley big time. Still, I’m hopeful the heavy work will be short lived and if not, then the cordial relationship I have with my neighbor might be.

So for the next five months I will update this blog – hopefully weekly. I’ll keep you informed of the highs – and the lows, the peaks and the pitfalls as I close out work on my novel and start it on its way – inching toward publication.

I’d welcome comments -if they’re allowed. Maybe I’m crazy, Maybe I’m irresponsible.

-But I’m definitely committed – or Should be.

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  • fair play to you and the very best of luck, will be following your progress and cheering you on!!!! 🙂

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