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Sandycove Road (book 3, new title) by Paula Tully

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Sandycove Road (final title)

Paula Tully

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The working title of my third book was, up until recently, Lessons in Falling. This has now changed to Sandycove Road as this is the geographical location for many of the scenes in the book.

I’ve spent the last few months working on the third and fourth drafts, so plenty of rewriting and ongoing editing. The manuscript will soon be ready to send to one or two trusted readers who will offer constructive feedback and point out where the writing gremlins have wormed their way into ideas which don’t make any sense, missing plot points, strange cul de sacs, and all those stray proofreading glitches which I’m sure I’ve missed.

I’ve drafted my blurb/pitch and plan to work on the synopsis, both of which will keep me busy while the manuscript itself is percolating slowly in my mind. Already, I’m thinking I need to refocus on characterisation, pacing, dialogue, authenticity, and 50 other elements needed to make the whole story sing, sing, sing …. No pressure then!

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