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Stumbling upon some teenage song lyrics

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Amo nice

Annmarie Miles

The other day I was clearing out some old paper work, trying to make room for more paperwork that would sit there for a few years. I came across the words of a song I’d written when I was about 17/18. I was a Cure-head at the time… never happier than when I was miserable! 🙂

I learned to play the guitar when I was about 15. I played the same 3 or 4 chords for a few years, singing everything from Christy Moore to Crystal Gayle. Every so often I put together some dark depressing lyrics to suit my mood, but very rarely wrote them down.

amo playing teen
(Bad) Mood Music

The Puppet Show is one of the few songs that it did actually put down on paper. It would sound a lot cooler to say it was about a dysfunctional friendship that I eventually grew out of. But really the song was about a guy I fancied who didn’t fancy me back. (Aren’t they all?!) One thing that struck me when I read the words was how deep they were for my tender years. In a way it was encouraging to see that the ‘writing thing’ has always been there. I just didn’t take notice of it very often.

It is so easy to allow myself to be discouraged about my writing, especially as I’m really just starting out and still not sure where I’m going. But this was a truly encouraging moment and made me wonder if a few songs might still be hidden somewhere along with all the other ramblings.

So here are the lyrics, full of teenage angst and confusion. 🙂
If I get brave I’ll record myself singing and put it up on mixcloud some day!

The Puppet Show by Annmarie (Keeley) Miles circa 1989
I was always in your shadow,
I would always play the tunes that you’d want me to play
I loved you, then I was you.
I became,
the one that you could mould, the one that needed you to hold on to.
But all you wanted was a fan, all you needed was a stage.

So that you could show me off,
show your audience the character that you’d created.
Your understudy.
Your underdog more like.
And that’s the way it was, I became your toy, your little puppet,
you could pull my strings, make me laugh or cry.

Then the time it came
when I became the big strong saviour.
Puppet strings they still were tight, but this time I thought I was holding them.
Then when you got over your bad times, you didn’t seem
to need the puppet show no more. And so
you let go of the strings and I,

Yes I landed on the ground,
with a thump so hard, I thought it was my grave I’d found
then you,
you went about your own new life.
Leaving me so far behind
with no purpose no, not even a part in your show.
Not even as your joker or your fool.

I was always in your shadow,
I would always play the tunes that you’d want me to play.
I loved you, and then I became you.

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