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The Benefit of Examining Your Writing Mind by Maurizio Bisogno

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Maurizio Bisogno

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In my quest to acquire strict positive habits, I understood this, which I consider universal knowledge: What a person achieves or does not achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts.

Firstly, what triggers the intelligence and creative energy of a person is a profound desire to change, a reluctancy toward his present decisions and desires, a challenge to his way of thinking and acting toward things and people. This is at the base of cultural and social change as well, which is originally felt as an individual crisis. If we are able to see these uncertain times as an opportunity for growth, we are more likely to experience growth.

We know that the most important motivation in life is joy or the happiness to be there. Now, this is the result of knowledge derived from one’s feelings, thoughts and actions and from how much they are aimed at promoting the good of one’s fellow human beings. This knowledge is indestructible, ‘You can kill a person, but not his ideas’.

That’s why Man has embarked Himself on a search to obtain a stable understanding of his human condition and of the laws of life. The human being evolves by establishing himself as a wise being who knows how to directs his energy and intelligence into shaping firstly his thoughts. In this sense the conscious master discovers the laws of thought by applying self-analysis to his inner and outer experience.

Once discovered, by following the innermost desires and longings, a person allows himself/herself to be governed and pursued by his own will; his path is built on strong and high aspirations, and he will stay focused until he attains his realization and fulfilment in the world. The same happens when his path his made of resentful thoughts and desire of revenge: one cannot blame the fate when one finds oneself in prison or in any other freedom restricting condition.

Although we experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as separate from the rest, we are part of that whole which we call the universe whose boundaries we perceive as time and space: this connection with the whole (the entire universe) is the fertile ground on which the power of thinking is based. Watch what your wish for! Watch your thinking and you’ll start understanding how big your role is in determining your destiny.

The Benefits of Examining Your Writing Mind

My book Don’t Go Abroad, Go Within is a practical application of the principle that examining your thoughts will give you a greater awareness and control over your life. It shows how to get out of the tunnel by taking you in it. Dare to know what you really think and feel and you will gain in mind clarity and happiness. This is the most important step you can take to know how much you are in control of your destiny – can you really separate yourself from the past? The transformation that is required to advance is not going to be painless: going through your beliefs, revealing their vacuity and their delusional essence, it is painful but the reward is unique: you will come out of your shell, you will step out of the self-made prison. This is the way to discover abundance inside and outside yourself – your generosity derives from opening your mind to other dimensions and giving to the Earth what you receive from the stars.

The elaboration of your past can only be done in your mind. In so doing, you gain a new positive and energetic outlook. When your conflicting ideas remain inside yourself, when your troubled emotions are pressed down to the remotest part of your mind, you are building a lake of troubled water which exerts a strong and unrecognized pressure on your stability. Remaining attached to the past as if it was better than the present is stopping you from being realistic and true about what matters, that is to say, where you are now.

This way is not for faint hearts simply because their immediate and easy reaction is to run away from the void, from the folly which is lurking in the mind of those who cannot accept the inner reality. There are also external factors, individuals, conventions, habits, etc. which will use their power to keep you away from the awareness you need to reach in order to move on.

The rational dialogue will come to your help. In fact, observation is not enough, neither is overthinking. The effective path is that of the guided and dialectical dialogue which you can start with someone who is trained to take you by hand and keep you on the track of the self-discovery. Even then, you realize that you are the one upon which the task of making this journey hangs; you need to travel by yourself within your mind, inside your heart, within your soul. It is a journey that nobody can do for you.

In my book I have tried to objectify this inner expedition which has helped me to give my own contribution to my destiny. By sharing this with my readers I hope that they will find that sparkle which will start the transformation they want and need.

Have a great day.

(c) Maurizio Bisogno

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