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The Book is Dead Long Live The Book

Article by robert mclysaght © 17 October 2017 .
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Convenient technology is everywhere so why do we so often revert to the most basic tech?
One reason that I think is that sometimes convenient technology isn’t all that convenient and an overload of social media—tweets, texts and even blogs can just ‘Do yer head in’ there are after all only so many times you can watch that infernal cat playing the piano.

We have all been given a wonderful gift, moving parts and yes some peoples parts move differently– but we adapt and triumph.
One area of tech that has been frowned upon in our house is the E-reader, why this virtual lexicon has been shunned remained a mystery to me for some time, even my tech loving children and my social media addict (in denial) wife all balk at the idea of an electronic book.

I don’t like an e book because I’m something of an old skool fella favouring ‘real’ things like pens and paper over computer screens especially for jotting down notes, I do absolutely love my computer especially when I make a trypo (Ha) and even an old fuddy duddy like me can knock out a half decent presentation in jig time, research is also so much easier although I do sometimes catch myself checking things in a ‘real book’.

The ebook conundrum though intrigued me so I did a little research and surprise—surprise I discovered that people love books, the feel of turning the page, it’s almost like the words are being absorbed by your fingers, if like me you love detective novels and children’s books there is very often the added bonus of illustrations and sorry a screen just doesn’t do them justice.

A sense of accomplishment is also very important in everybody’s life and nothing screams it like a pile of completed books, my daughters are very proud of the teetering monument to literacy that perches precariously on top of the bookcase “don’t put them away yet daddy, we haven’t posted a picture of our book pile on Facebook yet”—Huh!

Convenience is another important factor, a book doesn’t need a network connection or batteries and has an interesting added bonus— social interaction, even if you hate the story and fling the book at the wall you will talk about it and maybe even show your friends or a total stranger the offending volume,
My wife is an avid reader devouring at least one if not two books every week.
“How about an e reader for your birthday”
“I can’t swap an e reader with my mum or auntie, no thanks just get me a few new books.”
So there you have it from millenials to old fart knockers like me everybody loves a book.

There is of course one final use for a book a deliciously dark and clandestine use, it makes a great cover for…eavesdropping or as I prefer to call it research, how many times do you find your ears straining to hear that golden nugget of dialogue that you can weave into your latest creation, as the long winded lady put it; always carry a book— you can read it if you are alone and bored or pretend to read it whilst gleaning a tidbit of salacious conversation that may inspire the next best seller or maybe you’re just a nosey Parker either way the general consensus is that books are cool.

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