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The Book of Revelations: My First Book

Article by Daragh Fleming © 20 August 2019 .
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Promoting your own book, as a writer, is a strange experience. This is primarily due to the generalization that writers are quite introverted perhaps, so may tend towards keeping the head down and moving along. If I were to hazard a more accurate insight into why I think promoting my own book makes me feel unbearably pretentious, it’s because I’m Irish.

Being Irish goes hand in hand with not wanting to be seen as bravado, or self-promoting. That’s probably a result of centuries of self-repression due to the Irish tendency to begrudge anyone who is seen to be doing anything outside of what is considered to be the proper behaviour (“Sure he’s only a blaggard!”). Now, that’s a fairly hot-take but it does lead me nicely into promoting my first book, which is both convenient and exciting.

The Book of Revelations, a collection of short stories, has been out and available for just about a month now. The feedback so far has been incredibly positive, having been endorsed by the notorious Pint-Man Owen Colgan himself, as well as Cork DJ Stevie G, Cork broadcaster PJ Coogan, and others (You may have guessed that I might be from Cork by now).

The book itself consists of 15 short stories. Some are satirical, some are more serious, and some may trigger the more sensitive among us. Each one is different, and so it parts itself from the traditional collection of short stories in that it’s not a connected series. You can blame Anton Chekov for that.

I started writing this collection whilst I was doing my Masters because, well, I’ll do just about anything besides what I’m actually supposed to be doing. It took me about a year to get the collection together and packaged nicely, and then about another 6 months to find a publisher who wanted to take it on. All in, a year and half to get the job done isn’t all that bad.

The aim of the book is just to get the reader to think about life events from different perspectives. I think we all get caught up believing that our own perspective is the ‘correct’ one because that’s the only one we experience on a day-to-day. The stories go as far as to make you see the logic behind a serial killer’s motivation, or why a father would abandon his family, in ways that are unconventional and entertaining. I’ve always been interested in what makes people think the way they do, or believe what they believe, and I think a lot of this collection is a reflection of that.

I think the next step for me will be to continue to write short stories to hone my skillset, and maybe take a stab at that novel I’ve been putting on the back burner. If you get a chance, I’d really appreciate you taking the time (and money) to get yourself a copy of my book. I’ll be eternally grateful and I promise you want be disappointed.

Daragh Flemming

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