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The Writer’s Block by Maurizio Bisogno

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Maurizio Bisogno

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For some of us, interrogating the arcane Tradition is not unusual. There are moments in life in which our reasoning ability is not up to the confusion we experience. In those cases, like many others, I look for an answer by interrogating the Tarot. The oracle talks to me through the classic Tarot. Today, I decided that the best way to ask for the Oracle’s help was to put my question into the following words: How to go ahead in my writer job to fill satisfied?

I drew three cards: Ace of Wands, Seven of Coins, and Seven of Wands.
Here is what the Oracle had to say to me.

Your past as a writer: You had a good start in your writing effort and you progressed for a while; you created interesting books. This you deed by your own initiative; you used your energy, trusting your ability to create something new. New ideas came to you easily, and you realised them with great energy; hence all those writing projects and achievements. Your impulse to write was pure, and it was the expression of phallic energy sublimated in your original art: this motion came to you without you asking for it, your task was just that of directing it toward written creations.

Now you are visited by self-doubts and you lost yourself. Now you can’t put together your pieces of writing and your craft is failing you. You can’t put together your work as a writer and its practical side, you don’t have an actual structure anymore in your writing activity; you lack writing plans. Consequently, you feel anxious about your main occupation, which seem to be destined to failure and unsuccess, and to financial loss. At present your inner vocation does not transfer itself into an act of creative writing, and you are distracted by the material aspects of life. Pay attention to not crash your spiritual side and to not get entangled in routine work, big companies, pharmaceutical companies.

What are you facing in the near future? You will act defensively as you know you have lost the creative momentum. Therefore, you will experience a lack of determination, a sense of incompleteness and indecision. You fear that you will waste your energy and your time if you take on to write another book. As a first suggestion, you should look at this challenge as to an opportunity to grow. Your overthinking attitude expose you to the risk of falling into an inconstant and shallow approach. We can describe this as someone who’s giving up his pursuit when the solution is right behind the corner. The second suggestion could be: decide and act quickly. It is also evident that you are facing a writer block, as you feel at a stop point, and this will last until you get rid of your maniacal perfectionism. As a result of this situation, you are facing the opportunity to sublimate your sexual energy into a balanced work or give up completely.

As we have seen, you had loads of energy and ability to create, although at present you need to understand that there is no substitute for hard work; then, you must overcome your self-doubts and your timidity: believe in yourself and in your abilities.
At moment you should not see your writing activity as a business. If you did, you would face frustration, waste of time and loss of money. If you are obsessed by the material aspect now you will face a useless sacrifice of energy, and your hard work will not bring a good harvest. Suspend this activity for some time and start seeing it differently from a new and challenging perspective you have not considered yet.

(c) Maurizio Bisogno

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