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It’s week five of the Poetry Project, and while we’re breathing a gentle sigh of relief that January has (almost) blown its stormy way out, we’re delighted with how the project is spreading. Starting 2013 with 1,500 people signed up to receive a poem by email every Monday, together with a video by a contemporary Irish artist, we’re now nudging 3,000. A look over the list shows that they’re reading poetry from Ireland from Panama to Poland, India to Micronesia, and all the way across the USA.

Oliver Comerford 28 Jan

This week’s poem is In Our Own Country by Eavan Boland, and the video is Distance by Oliver Comerford. It’s amazing how Irish culture travels, feedback from readers around the world show that while our countries, and climates, may differ, similar things concern us all – love, life, the weather, progress, change and decay. And more next Monday! Have a great week.

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