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Deirdre McCarthy

I am a Social Worker based in Cork, and I’ve recently launched a new book It’s Not Fair, to assist children navigate parental break up – the book is gender neutral, looks at modern family types as well as traditional ones so embraces LGBTQI families.

I attended University College Cork as a Mature Student in 2011 and graduated in 2015 with a first class honour. I began my Social Work career in Tusla, the Child and Family Agency as a child protection social worker. While working I completed a Masters in Social Science -Social Policy, in UCC, specialising in children and families.

During the 5 years in Tusla a theme emerged that highlighted the lack of support for children whose parents were breaking up. I found that once conflict relating to custody and access reached the legal system, the child became lost.

There has been strides in this area with Section 32 of the Guardianship of Infants Act, which appoints experts to hear, assess and present the voice of the child during the court process. This is my current role as an independent Social worker.

I left Tusla in 2020 to become a foster carer and during this time I completed an ACE level 9 course in Trauma informed care and practice.

From the combination of my education, experience and Covid lockdowns, this book became a reality, it took two years of development, revision, feedback from professionals such as teachers, solicitors and of course parents and children .

The intention is that the book itself is universal and educates primary school aged children on the topic of break-up, separation and divorce. It supports children to learn about regulation and safety friends as well as child centred care planning.

The companion workbook was developed to accompany the book, but is specific to children experiencing their parents break up.  The hope is that parents become focused on the child’s needs and that conflict is reduced.The book has been beautifully illustrated by Bex Sheridan and the workbook was refined by Sarah Arnott.

(c) Deirdre McCarthy

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