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Thirteen Stops Later by Sandra Harris

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thirteen stops later publication day

Sandra Harris


Well, it’s been a long year. Hasn’t it, though? One pandemic year is practically the equivalent of three regular years, lol. I was one of the writers ‘launching during a pandemic,’ and I brought out my first book, THIRTEEN STOPS, published by Poolbeg Press, in the summer of 2020, with all the challenges and pitfalls of launching in a pandemic year.

Bookshops closed, writing events, including book launches, cancelled and everything moving online to a platform called Zoom characterised launching a book during the Great Coronavirus Lockdown of 2020. And we’re not even out of it yet, with Ireland experiencing one of the longest COVID-19 lockdowns in the whole of Europe, if not the world. Groan. Why can’t we hold the record for something nicer…?

Looking back, I could have been more imaginative and thought outside the box a bit more when I was publicizing this book. Made better use of social media, reached out to the wider writing community a bit more, pushed readers to leave the all-important reviews on Amazon a bit more.

We live and learn though, don’t we, and I’m not a greenhorn novice any more, but a seasoned writer who, so far, has managed to get through the pandemic without too many scrapes, for which I’m devoutly thankful. I’m not necessarily wiser, it must be said, but at least I don’t think that books promote and sell themselves by magic any more…!

THIRTEEN STOPS LATER, the sequel- well, what else, lol- came out on April 14th, 2021. I could be biased, now, but I actually think that it’s a better book than the original. The writing flowed much more seamlessly by the time I came to pen it, and, in fact, it was the easiest book to write of the entire trilogy.

THIRTEEN STOPS LATER, or THIRTEEN STOPS 3, was the hardest book to write. It was written during the first lockdown and there were genuinely days when it felt like I’d completely lost the capacity for original thought.

We were only leaving the house for essential shopping and brief exercise, and I’m probably not alone in saying that having your kids with you twenty-four-seven in a confined space is death to original or creative thought…!

Still, I managed to surprise myself by completing Book 3 and other things besides, as well as doing an immensely satisfying tidy-up of all my online folders and writings, the kind of faffing-about job you simply don’t get the time for in peacetime.

I’m sure I’m not the only writer who surprised themselves with how resilient and productive they managed to be during what, after all, was one of the toughest periods in our history since, well, take your pick…!

Anyway, here’s the tagline and blurb for THIRTEEN STOPS LATER. Though I say so myself, it’s a great book and an enjoyable and entertaining read. If you’re looking for escapism from your own world during these interminable pandemic days, then come into mine for a bit. I’ve left the door open…

The same thirteen Luas stops.
The same unforgettable twelve characters.
A dozen dazzling new twists of fate…

‘Here we are again, and poor Selfie Queen Laura’s love life has dived head-first from the frying pan into the Towering Inferno; will she be able to cope? Just about, until she sees who’s coming out of the Disney Store on Grafton Street one Saturday afternoon . . . ! Someone who shouldn’t has got their beady eye on Fauve’s bouncing bundle of baby joy, and a face from the past returns to upturn Maroon-Vicky’s applecart of Happy Ever After with the dishy Graeme. The frazzled Carl is up to his tonsils in Tara’s Endless Legs and Things, and something very sinister is going on at Becks’s house . . . will her mother’s old summerhouse finally give up its grisly secret? All this and much, much more in THIRTEEN STOPS LATER . . .’

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By Sandra Harris. ©

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