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Trying to launch my Poetry/Haiku Anthology on Kindle

Article by desmonddevlin © 24 June 2014 .
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And it triggered my resentments towards both Amazon Corporation and the IRS as I had to register as a US Tax Payer (I informed them that I am not a US Citizen and don’t wish to seek residency) and Amazon try to avoid Corporation Tax. (They declare their European Corporation tax in Luxembourg) Then I had to print a form I had to sign and posted it yesterday morning to Amazon’s head office in Seattle.

On a more positive note, I being a new job tomorrow. I’ll be working voluntary as an Office Admin for a Social Club for Disabled Children in Cookstown. Also, next Thursday I have my Word Processing exam. After that I will have more time to myself and focus on finding work.

Thank God for GIMP, allowing me to resize my JPEG

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