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VIRAL by Mary Egan Campbell

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Mary Campbell

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Scary Times! But Geraldine O’Neill a local author, reminded me of the great opportunity I have now to write. No excuses. No work for at least the next few weeks and yes the kids are at home under my feet but equally so it’s an ideal opportunity to write.

And so I have set the kids the challenge of cooking for themselves and us. Little tasks like writing letters to grandparents, doing art work for their bedroom walls and making imaginative Lego structures to fill the living room and their time are now the norm.

My challenge to myself is to finish all the half written pieces such as complete a children’s book I started writing before Christmas and all but abandoned of late, as well as organise a new writer’s festival. A lot to take on, but I find the bigger the task the more likely I am to stick to it.

Yes I have caught the bug, but it’s a more literary one, one that requires no medication, but rather a secluded place to sit in quiet contemplation until the juices start to flow. With pen in hand I will conquer all and this too will pass. Shakespeare apparently wrote King Lear while sequestered to avoid The Plague. True or not I shall follow his lead and hope that one day soon I may walk in his footsteps. You may well laugh but it’s good to dream!


In times like this
When everything is viral
News, fake or not
Advice and friendships
Let’s not bow down
to fear
Let’s nod as it passes
Keeping ourselves safe
Social distance
But a temporary state
Stand strong!
Be thankful for phones
social media and mail
Time with loved ones
Is precious now
A clean slate
Start something new
Learn and grow
Before it’s too late
Isolated but not alone
Lets walk and sow
Spreading calm not disease
Taking time for ourselves
Time to dream big!

Mary Egan Campbell March 2020

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