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What Is Voice? By Ita Roche

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Ita Roche

Honing the craft of writing is no easy task. It takes work, and lots of it. One of the skill sets needed to write successfully, is voice. And, with a myriad of different opinions on the subject, I decided to pause and pose the question, what is voice, for me? The following is what came:


It’s the wisdom and truth of the narrator weaved throughout the syllables, dashes, commas and dots.

It’s the whispers of vulnerability and the essence of creativity in structure and style.

It’s saying yes and agreeing to capture the energy and movement of the story and to carry it to fulfillment.

It’s everything that’s said being equally as powerful as that which is not within the work.

In essence, voice is you, the writer, narrator – what you believe, imagine, dream, hope or aspire to, within the world your immersed in, for the duration of the writing.

Ultimately, you pour every ounce of yourself onto the page, in every story – that’s voice.

(c) Ita Roche

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