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Writing a scene when not fit to be seen!

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Amo nice

Annmarie Miles

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I spotted a tweet the other day that made me do a double take of the whiplash variety. The word FREE will always do that to me 🙂
It was on this very site’s own Twitter feed and read something along the lines of
“FREE online workshop on Wed 10-4pm”.
I was a bit dubious to be honest.
Well you would be wouldn’t you?
What’s that my great-aunt Maisie used to say…?
” no such thing as a free online writer’s workshop”
or words to that effect.

Being off work and ‘free’ myself as luck would have it, I told the beloved that he was on lunch & dinner duty and settled myself down in front of the computer. It was the first time I attended a writer’s workshop in such a slovenly manner. Truth be told I was still in my PJs til the first break (sshhh – that’s just ‘twixt ourselves)

All of my tomfoolery aside, this was a fantastic workshop.

There were three guest authors. Paul Carson, Sinead Moriarty and Monica McInerney.  They reflected a great mix of personalities & experience and again displayed what I’ve seen time and time again from authors in Ireland; a generousity of spirit and a desire to encourage those of us who are emerging or hoping to.

There was also a panel of emerging writers who got to chat with the authors and were set writing challenges. But it was interactive in every way and those of us in our PJs *coughs* got to join in with the challenges too. The workshop had its own twitter feed @writepopfiction and hashtag #writepopfiction, so we could all interact and chat about what we were doing.

I think the day was a great success and I hope the organisers are pleased with the feedback they have received. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I meant it when I said I was dubious, but it was as valuable to me as if I’d been in the room. Totally free of charge, completely interactive with top quality content, lots of opportunity to put what we were learning into practise and great advice to ‘take home’.

To top it all I made a new writing friend on the day and she has written a far more comprehensive review of the workshop here.
But I just wanted to thank Vanessa and writing.ie for a fantastic resource. I learned a lot and am already looking forward to the next one.

Part of me is hoping to be asked on to the panel next time; but then I wouldn’t be able to stay in my PJs… would I?


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