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Writing Gift to You…

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Carolann Copland

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An after Christmas present is always the best kind of present… So I thought that I would share my 2014 calendar with you this year.

I saw a post recently where someone asks…

‘What’s a New Year’s Resolution?’

And the answer was…

‘It’s a ‘To Do’ list for the first week in January.’

This is so true for most of us, me included. So I’ve stopped making promises to myself that make me feel a failure a few weeks later, when they’re done and dusted.

But one thing I do like to do, is to look at the year ahead and think what I’d like to achieve where my writing is concerned. Not promises to myself set in stone… More like ‘There’s the goal post and if I aim well, then maybe I’ll get some balls in the back of the net.’

Last year one goal was huge…

For December I wrote ‘I am now a published author.’

Big words, but once they were written down it seemed almost possible, and December seemed such a long way away anyhow.

I didn’t achieve everything that I wrote down on my calendar (For example I’ve yet to try my hand at writing some decent poetry!) but I did achieve a lot and my novel Summer Triangle is now published! http://www.emuink.ie


So I give you this gift of a calendar to pen your writing hopes and dreams on…


You can download a PDF version here.
And maybe once you write them down some of them just might come true!

With this in mind I have printed off an A3 size copy of my calendar and filled it with My Writing Goals for 2014. I invite you to do the same.

Perhaps Carousel Writers’ Centre has something that you might like to fill in on your writing calendar for 2014…

Creative Writing Workshops, Writing Café, Editing, Poetry, Crime Writing… Whatever your writing goal is…  let Carousel help you get there.


Whatever your writing dream, I wish you all the very best of words for 2014.

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