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Susan Tiger 1

We’re nearing the half way mark with the Poetry Project, and it keeps on growing. The wonder isn’t so much that there are now thousands of subscribers, reading contemporary Irish poetry every week, in more than seventy countries around the world. No, the wonder is that we hadn’t done it sooner… I think the tricky thing is working out the pairings. As an ongoing, online project it doesn’t need to be definitive, and it’s growing to embrace a range of voices, and the great thing about the internet is that you don’t have that horrible it’s gone to print, so that’s that moment when nothing can be altered. But when you put two creative pieces together, you create something that’s more than the sum of its parts (when it works).

We were always keen that the video / poem combinations weren’t collaborations. Often when artists respond to poetry, or poets are commissioned to write texts responding to art, you end up with good work, but not always the best work. Instead, the Poetry Project is all about works that work in parallel. The image above is from Susan Tiger’s video, War, which ran with Enda Wyley’s poem of the same name. It’s a stunning video, then when you bring the poem into it, it becomes sublime – there’s an alchemy at work, which has been one of the nicest parts of the project.

The best writing doesn’t need images, it conjures them up in the mind itself. But the best writing can also stand up to the addition of images, and become something more entirely. The same can be said for art.

Keep checking into the Poetry Project, and do, please, keep telling your friends. We had a lovely comment on Facebook the other day from an international reader, saying “Love a country that celebrates a political event through poetry and visual art…” – well, we love it too. So thanks to all, and hope you enjoy your next poem and video on Monday morning. Not signed up yet? Click here! It’s completely free. And enjoy…

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