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And The Scream Is Real! Cut To The Bone Booktrailer Reveal

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cut to the bone

By Alex Caan

Cut To The Bone is the latest exciting release from Bonnier’s Twenty7 imprint – only founded a year ago, Bonnier’s new adult fiction wing is headed by Quercus founder Mark Smith and has already had a several Sunday Times bestsellers. Book trailers are a superb way to communicate the message about your book – they are fast to view and video is always easier to absorb than text. We’re delighted to be hosting the reveal of a singularly appropriate trailer – Cut to the Bone is set against the backdrop of YouTube’s vlogging community, so what better than a YouTube video trailer to show you what it’s all about?

Cut to the Bone is out in eBook now (currently a bargain at 99p!) and coming in paperback in November 2016. A dark and gripping thriller for fans of Sarah Hilary and The Fall, it’s a book that will appeal to the YouTube generation as well as keen crime fans. Author Alex Caan  has spent over a decade working in Information Systems Security for a number of government organisations, and is currently specialising in Terrorism Studies. A lifetime passion for writing was sparked by the encouraging words of an English Teacher in school, and eventually led to Alex successfully completing an MA in Creative Writing, and write Cut to the Bone. Here’s the blurb:

One Missing Girl. Two Million Suspects.

Ruby is a vlogger, a rising star of YouTube and a heroine to millions of teenage girls.

And she’s missing . . .

But she’s an adult – nothing to worry about, surely?

Until the video’s uploaded . . .

Ruby, in the dirt, pleading for her life.

Enter Detective Inspector Kate Riley; the Met’s rising star and the head of a new team of investigators with the best resources money can buy. Among them, Detective Sergeant Zain Harris, the poster boy for multiracial policing. But can Kate wholly trust him – and more importantly, can she trust herself around him?

As hysteria builds amongst the press and Ruby’s millions of fans, Kate and her team are under pressure to get results, and fast, but as they soon discover, the world of YouTube vloggers and social media is much darker than anyone could have imagined.

And the videos keep coming . . .

In order to get a genuine feel to the trailer, Alex enlisted Sophie Fox O’Loughlin a transition year student (and daughter of Writing.ie’s Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin) to pull it together. Sophie is a keen film maker and her Off the Page Book Trailers have already played a part in Sam Blake’s Little Bones success.

Sophie explains: “Making the trailer for Cut to The Bone was great fun, I’m a keen YouTube fan and vlogging and the internet is a world I’m very comfortable with. When I got a copy of the book from Alex, I couldn’t put it down and I could immediately see the scenes I wanted to go into the trailer. I enlisted two friends (Eva Bird and Jay Brown) to play Ruby and her boyfriend Dan and storyboarded each scene with the dialogue to make sure we created the tension needed.

The idea was to have mixture of Ruby’s vlogs and the videos of her running through the forest, which, in the book, get uploaded to Ruby’s YouTube channel. We filmed some of the forest shots first on location in Trebah Gardens in Cornwall. However, when we went into the woods it was pitch black and the only light was coming from the torch on my phone. At one point something ran past Eva and she screamed really loudly (this is the scream at the start of the trailer) and jumped about a metre in the air. It turned out it was only a squirrel but we were both terrified! To film the rest of the forest shots,  we brought backup in the form of my mother!

Eva and Jay both go to a theatre school so are really familiar with acting and film which helped a lot. We filmed several hours of footage over a couple of days to ensure we had the right shots. Editing took a long time but it was interesting piecing together the bits of footage I had – that’s when the magic happens, when you start to add sound effects and build a story. So far it’s had a great reaction and I hope it makes people want to read the book – Cut to the Bone has a great twist you won’t see coming!”

Cut to the Bone is available for Kindle now, click here to pick up your copy!

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