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Apprenticeships in Fiction 2013

Article by Site Editor © 7 February 2013 .
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Apprenticeships in Fiction is a UK based national scheme designed to nurture emerging writers at a key stage in their careers. Now in it’s eighth year, it has made a significant impact within the field of literary development. The scheme is aimed at aspiring novelists who have already made a considerable commitment to the development of their practice and would benefit from a year of transitional support. Writing.ie spoke to founder Marion Urch and she welcomes applications from writers from Ireland – as the course is principally correspondence based, it might be an option for you. She told writing.ie, “Getting published can be difficult and the reality a rude shock. I set up the scheme so that aspiring writers can hear it from the horse’s mouth. (From experienced mid career writers who know what they are talking about.) The aim of the scheme is to empower aspiring writers by setting the bar high, giving them the tools they need, making sure they understand the requirements of the industry – and are as prepared as they can be.”

Their unique six-stage developmental programme is specifically designed to prepare writers for publication. Over the course of the year, you will be grappling with the key elements of successful fiction (plot, premise and character development), taking a rigorous approach to technical issues such as structure and point of view, as well as tackling what constitutes the perfect submission package. Building on over ten years mentoring experience, Adventures in Fiction have created a challenging and empowering task-based programme that comprises interactive workshops, tiered appraisals, consultations and ongoing support.

The placements, which take the form of an apprenticeship with a professional writer working in a similar genre, have an individual value of £3,500. They are available at a subsidised rate of £2,975 (payable in installments if necessary) to five apprentices who will be selected from open competition.

Five placements are now available for first-time novelists of commercial and literary fiction, including one for crime, one for fantasy and one for fiction for children and young people (9+ and YA). The placements take the form of an apprenticeships with a professional writer working in a similar genre. The scheme has had a high success rate – in seven years it has resulted in seven publications and more than thirteen writers have been referred to literary agents.

Deadline for entry is 31st May 2013. For more information, check out http://www.adventuresinfiction.co.uk/apprenticeships/apprentice-scheme.html