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British Book Awards Now Open for Entry

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The British Book Awards, or Nibbies, is the definitive event for honouring the commercial successes of publishers, authors and bookshops. It succeeds 2016’s British Book Industry Awards.

The Nibbies brings together books of the year with trade accolades such as publisher of the year and book retailer of the year. There are six individual books of the year awards: children’s; debut fiction; fiction; non fiction – lifestyle; non-fiction – narrative and crime & thriller. An overall book of the year is then chosen from the individual winners.

The idea behind the books of the year is to celebrate the whole journey from the author’s mind to the reader’s hand, and showcase the range and depth of modern publishing. It’s about the story itself, but also the way that the publishing contributes both to the story telling and to finding an audience.

What makes one publisher stand out from another? What attracts an author to a particular agent? What makes one independent bookshop demand publishers’ attention? What makes the case for a cash-strapped library? What elevates one editor from their peers? Which author would not want their work to be crowned book of the year?

Whatever part of the book trade you are in, you can’t beat trusted, independent, validation from a respected source for raising your profile.

That’s where The British Book Awards – or ‘Nibbies’ as they’re also known – come in. From publisher of the year, to best independent bookshop, to overall book of the year, winning an award delivers kudos, a calling card, a boost to the team and a huge opportunity for flag-waving.

Just click on the below headings to download the category guides:

Great People

Publishing Success

Bringing Books to the Readers

Books of the Year

Entries close: Friday, 10th Feb

Awards night: Monday, 8th May, Grosvenor House Hotel, London.


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