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Dave Chesson, Founder of Kindlepreneur, coming to Dublin June 20th

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This year’s Dublin Writers’ Conference features 29 speakers. Among them is Dave Chesson, founder of one of the most influential sites for indie authors in the United States.

When Dave Chesson was younger, he never expected he’d one day become an author.  Diagnosed with dyslexia, he shied away from English and instead surrounded himself with Math and Physics.

However, life took a turn in 2013.  While serving in the US Navy, Dave Chesson was deployed to South Korea.  There, he decided that he wanted to write, and thanks to Amazon’s KDP, he could self-publish.

But it wasn’t easy.  His first couple of books, while well researched and written, fell flat in the market.  “I saw a lot of other books being presented on Amazon.com instead of mine, even though I knew mine was of a higher quality, and I asked myself why,” Dave says.  It was that very question that changed his writing career.

After working to understand why Amazon chose to show one book over another, he made changes and saw immediate success.  It was those changes that has helped him to make over $275,000 from his books alone.  “It wasn’t that I was a great writer.  I just understood how to get my books in front of the right readers.  It’s that knowledge that made the real difference,” he says.

Dave (pictured right) wrote his first book on a South Korean warship, showing you truly can write from anywhere.

After seeing continued success with his writing, he then created Kindlepreneur.com, a website devoted to helping authors understand book marketing and sell their books.

Due to his simplified step-by-step approach to book marketing, Kindlepreneur has quickly grown to be one of the largest book marketing blogs and gains over 200,000 readers every month.  His teaching on Amazon’s book market even garnered the attention of Amazon’s own Kindle Direct Publishing with the platform telling their readers to “Gain insight from Kindlepreneur on how you can optimize marketing your books…”

Knowing that most of his readers didn’t have time to go through the articles, he then created a podcast that breaks down each episode into a lesson.  This way authors can learn on the go while driving to work or waiting in line. He also created a rapidly growing YouTube channel to help authors see the tactics in action.

He also went against the mold, and created a full free video course teaching authors how to effectively do Amazon Book advertisement.  For most, this would have been a $400 product, but for Dave, it was a way to help.  “I started by trying to write an article on how to do ads. But when I was already 10,000+ words into it, I realized it would make for a better free course.”  Word of the free course spread and quickly became the go-to resource of Amazon ads.

Because of his book marketing background, Dave has worked with NYT bestselling authors like Ted Dekker, Orson Scott Card, Kevin T. Anderson and more, as well as being a consultant to major publishing companies.  As a major Science Fiction fan, he’ll tell you first hand what an honor it has been helping them with the works.

However, it was only a couple of years ago that Dave created his most popular work – Publisher Rocket (formerly known as KDP Rocket).  While working on Kindlepreneur articles, he constantly had his readers ask whether or not there was a tool that would do this for them. That’s when Dave Chesson had a game-changing idea.

What if he could package all of that information inside a piece of software that would make book marketing more effective and efficient, thus giving authors more time to write?  That’s how Publisher Rocket was born.

With Publisher Rocket authors can now see exactly what’s going on in the book market and get vital information on how to get their books discovered by readers.  Plus, it was painstakingly designed to be very intuitive.

While the software was initially made with self-published authors in mind, it has also garnered a lot of interest and love from major publishing companies and multiple New York Times Bestseller authors.

However, through all of this, it has been a real journey.  To go from a dyslexic deployed Navy officer, to a full time author at home with his kids has been exhilarating.

‘I get to write every day, and work with some amazing authors.’

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Laurence started BooksGoSocial.com to help other authors get discovered. He also founded the Dublin Writers Conference.