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Introducing AuthorSHARE: Royalties for Authors on Second-Hand Books

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AuthorSHARE pays you royalties on the sale of used books purchased at worldofbooks.com and bookbarninternational.com. It is made possible thanks to an agreement between the two retailers and the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS).

To receive payments from the scheme, you must be a member of ALCS (free for all Society of Authors members) and have registered your works on their system. If your works are already registered with ALCS, you don’t need to do anything else.

World of Books Group have created an initial fund for the first year of £200,000. The most any author can currently receive from the scheme is capped at £1,000 per year.

How it Works

The AuthorSHARE scheme pays authors royalties on the sale of used books purchased at worldofbooks.com and bookbarninternational.com.

Traditionally, authors have only received royalty payments on sales of new books. However, the used book market is growing exponentially at an estimated 12% each year, compared to 1% annual growth in the new book market. The AuthorSHARE scheme has been launched to give writers a fairer deal and address the need for change in how they are remunerated in response to the changing market landscape.

The Author Share scheme works thanks to an agreement between used book retailers (World of Books and Bookbarn International) and the Authors’ Licencing and Collecting Society (ALCS). The retailers share their sales information with ALCS who will match these with works by their members and make a payment directly to them.

Personal customer data is not shared.

See here for further information.

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