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Irish Bestsellers 26th October 2019

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the family gift
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Now we’re really in the run-up to Christmas, and it’s totally reflected in this week’s bestseller charts. Not many new releases, but favourites like Ross O’Carroll-Kelly (Schmidt Happens) and all three Aisling books are featuring strongly, along with Elton John and his autobiography Me, joint-Booker Prize winner Margaret Atwood for The Testaments and Heather Morris with The Tattooist of Auschwitz and Cilka’s Journey. These are all strong gift ideas so don’t expect them to leave the charts before the New Year. It’s also great to see the wonderful Bill Bryson in the Top 20 with his new release The Body: A Guide for Occupants; this would also make a great gift for anyone, if you’re stuck for ideas! Philip Pullman’s latest release, The Secret Commonwealth, is in the charts too, although only at no. 8 in the Children’s Top 10; this is probably a lower position than expected, given the popularity of the books and the pretty intensive promotional campaign in the run up to release, but it may rise over the coming weeks. It will face stiff competition though, as, reliable as clockwork, David Walliams has just announced a new released for the next couple of weeks.

This week’s featured book is the newest release from the fabulous Cathy Kelly, who’s gone almost straight to the top with seasonal treat, The Family Gift. Here’s the blurb:

‘Honest, funny, clever, it sparkles with witty, wry observations on modern life. I loved it’ Marian Keyes
Freya Abalone has a big, messy, wonderful family, a fantastic career, and a new house.

But that’s on the outside.

On the inside, she’s got Mildred – the name she’s given to that nagging inner critic who tells us all we’re not good enough.

And now Freya’s beloved blended family is under threat. Dan’s first wife Elisa, the glamorous, manipulative woman who happily abandoned her daughter to Freya and Dan’s care and left the country, has elbowed her way back into their lives.

But Freya knows that when life gives you lemons, you throw them right back.

Can Freya put her family – and herself – back together? Find out in Cathy Kelly’s warmest, wisest and funniest book yet…


Everyone loves Cathy Kelly:
‘This book is full of joy – and I devoured every page of it gladly’ Milly Johnson

‘Filled with nuggets of wisdom, compassion and humour, Cathy Kelly proves, yet again, that she knows everything there is to know about women’ Patricia Scanlan

‘Packed with Cathy’s usual magical warmth’ Sheila O’Flanagan

‘A lovely story of life and change’ Prima

‘Comforting and feel-good, the perfect treat read’ Good Housekeeping

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