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Irish Mother’s Daring Rescue Story Optioned for Film

Article by Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin © 21 February 2013 .
Posted in the Magazine ( · News for Writers ).

Irish agents, Prizeman & Kinsella are delighted to announce that the book Stolen, Escape from Syria, has been optioned by Irish film company Epos Films.

The book has now also been sold into Ireland, the UK, the US, North America and Canada, France, Germany, Slovakia, Estonia, Czech Rep, Turkey, Poland, Latvia, Australia, New Zealand, and two publishers in China have secured the book in Chinese and traditional Chinese imprints. The book will be translated into at least nine different languages to date and deals are still being negotiated worldwide. The book has already been secured byrenowned publishers such as Lattes, St Martin’s Press, Mainstream and Luebbe.

Louise Monaghan, whose six year old daughter was abducted by her ex husband in Cyprus in September 2011 and taken into war torn Syria, is delighted that her story will now be turned into a film.

Louise, from Swords in Dublin,  said, ‘I am just hoping that getting my story out worldwide may help parents somewhere who are or have experienced parental abduction. I was very lucky to get my child back and although there is still a warrant out for the arrest of my ex husband Mostafa Assad, myself and May, now seven, are finally starting to rebuild our lives.

What we went thought was any parent’s worst nightmare and I am hoping that my experience may help someone somewhere. If it helps even one person and prevent something like this from happening again, it will have all been worth it.’

stolenSix year old May was abducted from her home in Cyprus on September 7th 2011. Her father, who had joint custody, snatched her from her mother in broad daylight and only contacted Louise when he was approaching his home country of Syria.

A distraught Louise believed that she would never see her child again and made the decision to travel to Syria and walk across the border alone, leading her ex husband to believe that she wanted to re kindle their romance in an effort to see her child again.

But Louise, once re-united with little May, was held hostage and beaten by Mostafa and only escaped by a miraculous twist of fate when he left the mother and child alone in the car as he went to extend  Louise’ visiting Visa for Syria.

Their amazing journey through war torn Syria in a taxi and their battle to stay alive after that was nothing short of a miracle.

Having begged for help after finally reaching the Irish embassy, Louise was to be told that all embassies were abandoning their posts in Syria in fear of their own lives and that nothing could be done to help herself and May.

She was shocked to hear that a Syrian court would not grant her a passport for May to leave the country because ‘Syria would be losing a Muslim’. And her fears were further elevated when she heard that if found, Louise herself could be stoned to death under Sharia Law for kidnapping her own child from her father’s home.

But her determination to get May home to Ireland kept her going and eventually, having been housed in safe houses and even a Catholic convent in the Muslim country, finally paid off when she found armed people traffickers who were willing to risk their lives for payment by travelling through the mountains of Syria in the dead of night on foot with mother and daughter and on into Lebanon.

Louise finally made it home to her family in Ireland in October 2011 and is now re- building her life back in Cyprus with her little girl, May surrounded by the friends that stuck by her through their horrendous ordeal.