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Our next writing challenge is FREE! Put Monday April 8th to Friday April 12th 2024 in your diary and click here to register.

Do you want to be inspired to write daily? To overcome the blocks that are stopping your flow? To understand the techniques you need to make your work sing? Or even get some guidance on what the heck to do next with your first draft?!

Here at, we’re bringing back our super successful Writing Challenge (check out the testimonials below!) The challenge is run via a private Facebook group, it is aimed at getting you out of your head and writing regularly and consistently.

Our next writing challenge is FREE! Put Monday April 8th to Friday April 12th 2024 in your diary and click here to register.

You need a Facebook page to get involved, but if you don’t have one, you can set up a private one with no information on it, and delete it at the end of the challenge.

Run by a No 1 bestselling author, and a journalist and coach, this challenge is designed to overcome blocks and give you invaluable hints and tips to make your writing flow.

And it really works!

Our last challenge was an outstanding success. It was full of energy, it was busy, it was motivating, inspiring and had our participants delighted with what they achieved with us in one week.

If you’ve struggled to focus this year and need to get your writing mojo back, this week is what you need!

Are you always promising to write more, but not delivering? Do you spend all your time thinking about writing, dreaming about writing, doing the odd bit of writing but getting overwhelmed and lost in a haze of can I? Should I? Will I? Questions that leave you going around in circles and getting more and more dejected and NOT WRITING?!

Then do not waste another second!

Our next writing challenge is FREE! Put Monday April 8th to Friday April 12th 2024 in your diary and click here to register.

You only need 30 minutes a day to join in with our exercises, but if you have more time, we have tons of resources and Sam Blake and Maria McHale are live every day, to discuss the day, give you even more tips and help, and to answer your questions.

No more stressful, inconsistent efforts, that leave you frustrated – we’re going to make sure your writing becomes ‘effortless’ (in as much as writing ever is!)

This is what will make the difference between you and those writers who just write, no matter what!

Places are limited so don’t leave yours to chance!

This challenge is hosted by Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin aka No 1 bestselling author Sam Blake and journalist and NLP coach Maria McHale.

What happens during the Challenge?
This five day challenge will give you the building blocks you need to bring to your own story or novel – characters, location, and conflict, explaining how they are intrinsically linked and impact your work. In this challenge we will be looking at plotting and planning – or not – so that you can work out what suits you. There is no right or wrong way to make this work for you, but we prefer you to follow the exercises rather than use your WIP, in order for you to stretch your creative wings and gain an understanding of the key elements without being mired in, or hobbled by aspects of your own story. We want you to leave the challenge with new ideas and new eyes, plus the tools, energy and enthusiasm to lift your story to the next level.

If you don’t have a story started we’ll show you how to bring it to the page – and you will find inspiration in the exercises to develop your idea and bring it to fruition.

Each day there will be one daily task, this will take between 10-20 minutes to complete (you can devote as much time as you wish). Paste your piece into the appropriate section and you will see how your fellow writers have approached the same challenge. Read, enjoy and critique the individual pieces. Sam Blake will be giving on the spot feedback during the live session and tips on a broad selection of each day’s entries.

We’re going to be looking at how to overcome the fear of a blank page, plotting and planning (or not) character and dialogue, setting and crucially conflict and how it drives a story. We’re also going to take a serious look at those other writer problems like writers block, imposter syndrome and building good writing habits.

Our next writing challenge is FREE! Put Monday April 8th to Friday April 12th 2024 in your diary and click here to register.

Here’s what our last participants had to say…

Each task can be done in 10-20 minutes and we’ll be on hand answer any questions you have. The best bit is the wonderful energy and community vibe that comes from joining a challenge – it’s infectious!
There’s nothing like a reliable and supportive community to turn to when you get stuck – and the challenge always delivers on that.

Who are we?
Bestselling author Sam Blake‘s latest bestseller, Three Little Birds spent over a month in the top 10 in January 2024. She has been shortlisted for Irish Crime Novel of the Year three times and her 2023 debut YA, Something Terrible Happened Last Night was shortlisted for Teen & YA Irish Novel of the Year. She is the founder of, The Inkwell Group and is Chair of the Board of the Society of Authors.

Three Little Birds by Sam Blake

Maria McHale is a journalist and communications consultant and works with clients who want to get noticed and tell their story – from entrepreneurs to emerging authors – she writes regularly for the Irish Times and has written for most of the leading UK newspapers and magazines too.

Together we run the Writers Ink community, which featured on the RTE Six One News during lockdown:

For writers of any genre, we connect you with other writers experiencing the same challenges. The Writers Ink group has a monthly subscription and offers peer support and mentoring to members, curated resources will help you improve your writing. Members get accurate industry standard advice and help. A weekly AMA addresses specific concerns on problem areas, and a wide range of expert guests to give you the best advice available. Members can post writing samples to get feedback and encouragement from their peers, and expert advice from Sam Blake/Vanessa. Find the details of our week here. We can tell you more about it at the end of the challenge.

This five day challenge includes 5 daily tasks with tips sheets and bonus content daily to kickstart your writing and hone your skills. Via exclusive video, through discussion and critique, we’ve got tons of info for you.

We want people doing the challenge to DO the tasks and get the best from the group. It’s easy to sign up for a free challenge and not do the work, you’ll be getting exceptional value and expert help over the challenge week and we want to avoid lurkers!!

Our next writing challenge is FREE! Put Monday April 8th to Friday April 12th 2024 in your diary and click here to register.

See you on the inside!

Don’t miss out – in one week we will get you writing! Click to book your place now and write that book! 🙂

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