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Literary Agent Simon Trewin Live Every Friday! Watch Back

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Writing.ie have teamed up with literary agent Simon Trewin to bring you a series of free, live online video chats on our Facebook page, focusing on the the publishing industry, how it works and how you can make your book publisher ready – they are packed full of advice.

We’ll be chatting with Simon about the role of an agent, the structure of the industry with the focus on helping new authors navigate it, what you need to think about before you submit, and how to submit. Find out what has caught Simon’s eye and why, and get his answers to your  questions every FRIDAY AT 12 NOON (BST) on the Writing.ie FACEBOOK PAGE. There’s lots to talk about and this series will be running at the same time every week – we’ll answer as many of your questions as we can!

LIKE the Writing.ie Facebook page and sign up for the Writing.ie newsletter (bottom right of the home page here, or at our Facebook page) for a reminder email so you don’t forget to tune in – we’re sending out resources that accompany each chat via the newsletter – links to each week’s video and each week’s resources are being compiled so at whatever point you sign up you’ll get everything.

Each discussion will be recorded and available to watch afterwards so if you can’t make the full session don’t worry! Watch the first session here:

Simon Trewin Live

Posted by writing.ie on Friday, 27 March 2020


And week 2 here:

Simon Trewin Live

Posted by writing.ie on Friday, 3 April 2020

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Simon says:

Dear All

I am really looking forward to our eight-week journey together – taking is step by step from the germ of your idea through to being published and beyond. I hope that this toolkit will equip you for many of the challenges you are going to face and will also allow you to focus on what really really matters – your creativity.

One year ago I left the London office of the American media and talent agency, WME, after 6 years with the company to open my own agency.

I represent authors, brands and entrepreneurs in the areas of art, culture, digital, literature, and live events.

In 2018 I celebrated my silver jubilee as an agent and it seemed the perfect opportunity to hang my own name outside the door. Selfishly I wanted a 3rd act that benefitted from all the exposition and character development of the first two – so I am already enjoying filling my life with thrills, spills, some familiar faces, lots of fun and some plot twists!  This is also a chance to return to my roots in the entertainment industry and I am already working on making live events, theatre and film production part of the mix of my new endeavour. I have authors who I would go to the wall for and they will always be my first priority but I am also enjoying seeing what else is out there too.

This is a challenging time in the marketplace, especially as I sit here writing during the Lockdown, but there will be so many opportunities if one is open to knocking on unfamiliar doors – I am full of curiosity and energy and am determined that 2020 and 2021 are going to be my best year ever.

My authors include Clare Bennett, Sam Blake, John Boyne, Dr Harry Cliff, Mary Costello, A A Dhand, Chloe Esposito, Victoria Finlay, Sarah Maria Griffin, Steven Hall, Claire Kilroy, Paul Lynch, Keith Lowe, Alyson Mennuti, Andrew Miller, Agnes Poirier, Ben Padfield, Dr Kate Lister and Matthew Sweet.

See you at noon on Friday and let’s make it a regular date.






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