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Maeve’s Times: Maeve Binchy’s Irish Times Journalism coming July 2013.

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By Vanessa O'Loughlin

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In a wonderful tribute to much missed author Maeve Binchy, Maeve’s Times: A collection of Maeve Binchy’s Irish Times journalism is to be published on the anniversary of the writer’s death, in July 2013.

Hachette Books Ireland and Orion Publishing, in collaboration with The Irish Times, are delighted to announce the joint acquisition of a collection of Maeve Binchy’s journalism.

Scheduled to coincide with the first anniversary of the writer’s death in July 2012, and selected by Irish Times columnist Róisín Ingle, this collection of timeless journalism will remind readers of why Maeve Binchy was so universally loved, with pieces reflecting her hallmark warmth, wit and keen mind.

Orion publisher Susan Lamb said, ‘I first “discovered” Maeve as a journalist way back when . . . so it is particularly poignant for me that we are bringing her journalism to a wider audience by publishing this collection.’

Maeve Binchy with her husband Gordon Snell.
Maeve Binchy with her husband Gordon Snell.

Breda Purdue of Hachette Books Ireland is also excited to be involved, ‘We are delighted to be involved in publishing this wonderful collection Maeve’s journalism and expect it to be a big summer bestseller.’

With an introduction by Maeve’s husband Gordon Snell, Maeve’s Times makes a welcome addition to the late writer’s impressive body of published books, and will be a perfect holiday read. Read Barbara Scully’s personal memories of Maeve here on writing.ie.

Maeve Binchy was always exhilarated by newly-established authors, “write as you talk,” she advised. “If you imagine that you’re talking to a friend, your writing will be much better.” In the Irish Independent, Binchy described why she felt Irish people were good writers: “We don’t like pauses and silences, we prefer talk and information and conversations that go on and on. So that means we are halfway there.”

She encouraged potential authors to enforce self-imposed deadlines to produce work. “There is a secret [to writing],” she told the BBC in a 2001 interview. “It’s not a nice secret. There’s secrets to lots of things. There’s secrets to having flawless skin and having a beautiful svelte body, and all of them have to do with endless exercise, cleansing and toning and nourishing and all that, but with writing the secret is to sit yourself down and do not stand up until you have five pages written, and do that again another day of the week. If you do ten pages every week, then you have 520 pages at the end of the year. And you don’t give yourself time off for Christmas or Easter or Labour Day or any bank holiday at all, because [twice] a week you’re self-employed and I think that’s the most important rule. That’s the only rule that works. ‘I’m not going to leave this room until I have five pages written.’”
Maeve Binchy is one of the world’s best-loved and most successful authors. Read all over the world and translated into thirty languages, her worldwide sales now exceed a staggering 40 million copies. All her most recent novels have been Sunday Times No. 1 bestsellers. There are now over eight million copies of Maeve Binchy Orion paperbacks in print.
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