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Making Money By Freelance Copywriting: A Complete Guide by Alex Hepgurn

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Alex Hepgurn

By Alex Hepgurn

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Freelancing, though a lucrative career option, fails to offer permanent employment to content developers and writers around the world. Some days you’ll be loaded with work, while on others you’ll have nothing to do. Home-based jobs are not all rainbows and the sunshine. Here, you have to create your own market and look out for earning opportunities. However, freelancing can be a profitable venture if you’re really serious about it. Mentioned below is a comprehensive guide to freelance copywriting that will help you.

Start Your Blog

Want to have an impressive career in freelancing, start your blog! With so many websites and pages all hogging for the precious reader base, it is very difficult to get noticed on the online platform. However extensively posting on your blog and sharing it on your social media profiles might enhance your chances of establishing a strong web presence. There are loads of site builders and blogging platforms such as WordPress that promote budding entrepreneurs and bloggers to do their own thing. Thanks to the advanced editing tools, plug-ins and CMS solutions building a blog is just a matter of minutes! And, you need a great budget hosting as well.

Publish Quality Content

The key to a successful career in freelancing is not just posting every day, but posting quality value-adding content that appeals to the reader. Be on the lookout for trending topics and create relevant content that your audience can understand and appreciate. You can even include guest posts, FOLLOW popular bloggers and follow established web celebs on social media to enhance your visibility and boost your productivity online. Plug-ins such as Grammarly and CopyScape are popular plagiarism checkers that increase the readability of your content as well.

Explore New Arenas of Writing

Now that you have gathered a decent audience base, you can move on to explore the extensive range of content that is in high demand today. Publish stories, poetry, free-verses, fan-fiction, whatever you want! All you have to do is create a market for it. Freelance writing includes both conventional content and creative writing. You can eventually move on to the professional fields after gaining ample experience.

Become a CopyWriter

Once you are aware of the rules of content writing and freelancing you are ready to play the field and expand your working space. Approach customers and web developers who are looking for competent content writers. From reviews to informative articles and technical content, copywriting tests all your writing skills. There are loads of job portals and platforms where you can register and get in touch with potential clients. You can also check out the many applications and software online that not only enhance the readability of your content but also saves on time.

Best Websites To Find Freelancing Jobs

Sometimes simply creating a profile on a job portal doesn’t help, you have to also visit other platforms that offer freelancing opportunities to budding copywriters. Other than websites there are also a lot of robust applications that would help you manage your work efficiently. The software saves time and helps you improve the content quality and performance as well. Listed below are some reliable websites where inexperienced freelancers can interact with entrepreneurs and get hired.


Freelancer.com is a website where people can find various types of writing jobs from over a 100 categories ranging from IT to finance, marketing and fashion industries. Here, you can even apply for web designing, coding, and development jobs if you have the skill for it. The platform offers both part-time and school-time jobs to applicants. Freelancer is a great place to meet clients and get projects assigned.


Solvid is a long-form content creation agency focusing on web content, blog posts and guides. Having worked with organisations like The Open University, Finteza and Orbitsound, Solvid aims to create content that educates and inspires. Despite a rigorous selection process, Solvid offers opportunities for talented candidates to join the pool of creative writers. The team of in-house editors makes sure that content is of top-notch quality. Get in touch with them to find out more.


Considered to be among the most professional and premium of websites, Constant-Content is the one place where you are bound to find work. The platform caters to serious and established writers and content developers. In fact, the website is so popular that freelancers here can demand rates higher than the set market standards. The team of editors keeps a strict eye on the content quality adding on to the credibility your work.


Upwork is another popular portal where freelancers are likely to find lucrative earning opportunities in their field of expertise. It is very similar to Freelancer, in terms of the working atmosphere and workplace framework. Here, you can register, interact with clients, promote your work and find new projects online. Most companies you’ll find here are either small-scale organizations or start-ups. However, because of the sheer massive scale of the platform, there is never dearth of work to do.


Craigslist, though considered old is still among the biggest platforms for freelancers and content writers to find earning opportunities. Here, you can find jobs in and around your city. The website has a powerful network that connects the clients and the content developers spread out globally. There are above thousand job listings and paid projects available here in a wide range of categories. Copywriting, content creation, technical articles, blogs, and creative content, you can surely find your area of expertise on Craigslist.

The Bottom Line

There is no dearth of work online, websites and other virtual platforms are always on the lookout for new and original content. However, getting assignments, establishing contacts and improving your web presence is what helps you become a successful freelancer. The job lacks consistency; however, with some patience and perseverance, freelancing can become a dream career opportunity for many budding bloggers and content writers.

(c) Alex Hepgurn

Alex Hepgurn is a professional blogger at Fiboni.com and covers topics around Career, Freelancing, Business Management and healthy lifestyle.

About the author

Alex Hepgurn is a professional blogger at Fiboni.com and covers topics around Career, Freelancing, Business Management and healthy lifestyle.

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